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14 Replies
linda - December 17

is it possible to have hot flushes but cold feet and hands? i'm confused as i am experiencing this...


elaiza - December 17

i don't know, i only got hot flushes. it's kinda weird but how does it feel?


carol - December 17

i have no answer for this. but i'd rather have cold hands and feet rather than hot flushes. :)


trixie - December 17

yea i remember having this when i was in peri. it all disappeared when meno started. i guess it's because of HRT.


yza - December 17

hmmm... not very sure, but i think cold extremities are symptoms of having thyroid problem. don't you think so?


stacy - December 17

nope! here are some thyroid symptoms that i'd like to share:
weight changes
family history
cholesterol issue
skin change
muscle pains
menstrual irregularities

hope this helps...


wea - December 18

speaking of cold flushes, i've been suffering cold flushes on my body from neck to feet but face is extremely hot. are you ladies having this? i just want to know that i'm not alone.


olivia - December 18

nope i don't get this. i only get cold feet and hands, other parts of the body is hot. how often do you get cold flushes?


irish - December 18

i get cold flushes throughout my body sometimes except for my face almost similar to your situation. so partly, you're not alone. how did you handle
yours? what treatments are you going tru? has it been effective for you? please let me know.


tinkywinky - December 18

glad to know i'm not the only one. my friends used to laughed everytime i mentioned that i'm having "cold flushes" and it's embarrassing. thanks for posting! i'll have my friends read this.


nicolai - December 18

i always have it especially at night. it doesn't really bother me, it's better to have cold flushes than hot. it's kinda weird sometimes though, especially
when people are wearing their sandos but you have to grab on your coat.


marian - December 18

haven't really had hot flashes, since my meno all i got is cold flushes which is somewhat i thought at first was normal. i can't believe it really exist in the long list of meno. happy to belong here! thanks for the post!


aira - December 18

i get both, more on hot flushes though.. but today was something new cause i felt cold flushes the whole afternoon. i just thought i'd let you know that...


samantha - December 18

same here.. they alternately come and go. i barely couldn't notice them coming anymore, i mean i never really cared cause i'm used to it.


aimee - December 18

too bad i haven't experienced cold flushes :( this hot flushes is driving me nuts and crazy! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!



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