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(need help on menstrual cramp)
20 Replies
louis - September 4

my wife suffers from menstrual cramp every single month. is this menopause? i want to know if this is normal? are there any treatment for this?


louis - September 4

anyway, my wife is already in her 40's and we've been married for 3 mos now. i'm worried about her situation having this "cramp" thing. i hope you could give me advice because i really don't know what to do.


phoebe - September 4

menstrual cramps can happen to any women of any age. she doesn't have to be menopause to experience this. however, there are many ways to treat this. try using heat, such as hot water bottles, heating pads, or hot baths, to relax tense muscles and relieve cramping. hope this one helps.


sandra - September 4

did you happen to ask her if she's been experiencing this for a long time? if yes, she should know how to handle the situation.


ginger - September 4

one of the unpleasant physical sensations of menopause can be menstrual cramps. this can range from non-existent to severe. medical care is necessary for this.


louis - September 7

SANDRA- i asked my wife about what you've said and her answer is no- she isn't having this problem before. she said that she only experienced this when she turned 39. so, what do you think?


sheena - September 8

Ironically, as she enters menopause, menstrual cramps could be her mortal enemy. If she's cramping but not flooding, let her try ginger tea.


mimi - September 9

Walking helps in reducing menstrual cramps. this improves circulation of pelvic organs. A warm bath or a heating pad may also be a big help.


irene - September 10

have you heard of magnetic therapy? magnets create magnetic fields w/c block the pain signals from reaching the brain, creating relief from menstrual cramps.


maxie - September 10

eating black sesame seeds powder with hot milk during menstruation helps to get relief from stomach cramp. avoid spicy chilled foods specially during your period.


louis - September 11

magnetic therapy? sounds interesting! is this effective? have you tried it? any side-effects?


felicity - September 15

magnet therapy has already been shown to successfully relieve menstrual cramps. but relief from menstrual cramps probably won't be that instantaneous.


louis - September 17

okay then... how does one uses this product for menstrual cramps? would you describe it for me? where can we get one?


ginger - September 18

they have the magnetic torso shield. this works best for abdominal problems and menstrual cramps.


noreen - September 21

LadyCare magnetic attachment is light and can clipped to the front of underwear or held in place with its own belt. women should start using it on the day before they expect menstruation to begin up until pains have subsided.


louis - September 22

thanks for the info ladies! so, where can we order these stuff?


ginger - September 23

i'm not quite sure where or how to order one. i think somewhere in europe, canada and australia. just google it louis.



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