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[serenity cream]
13 Replies
katie - October 2

has anyone else heard of serenity cream? anyone had used it?


diane - October 2

don't know much about it. is it a natural progesterone cream?


carol - October 9

yes it's a natural progesterone cream.heven't tried it but my friend says it's a good product.


stacy - October 16

how does this serenity cream work? is it similar to gel?.....


karen - October 22

a healthy woman will naturally manufacture 20-25mg of natural progesterone per day in the second half of her monthly cycle. the intention is to deliver this same amount of natural progesterone into the system with the cream.


julie - October 22

i have tried the cream for a week. it helped me with my hot flashes.


wea - October 30

most likely similar to gel.i have tried both and i found serenity more effective.


noreen - November 17

i have tried all sorts of cream but unfortunately, none of them seems to work with my symptoms. i was wondering if serenity cream is available in trial sachet. does anyone here knows about it? i wanted to try this but it would be best if i'll take trial first.


zenT - November 24

smart one noreen.i have never thought about it.anyway,i do hope that they have trial sachets.i have sensitive skin and i do need some testings before i put anything on i think trial sachets are important especially because i don't want to waste money.


tinkywinky - December 3

haven't heard of trial sachets. why don't you ladies try patches instead? it's way more cheaper.


ashley - December 11

patches are good, they give promising results. but it's still way impossible for someone having sensitive skin to use those. i've read a lot of comments about patches and they all have the same experiences from using them-- skin irritations and allergies.


gellO - December 11

you can always try gel it has same effect and less chance of getting allergy/irritations. i have sensitive skin too, i've been using gel for 2 years now. no allergy/ irritation so far.


mimi - December 11

advantage of gel over patch is that skin irritation is avoided. i've been on gel for 8 months and i haven't experienced rashes or irritations so far. give it a try


wea - December 11

just in case you don't know, all women using any forms of HRT have an increased risk of strokes and blood clots. this includes HRT patches and gel.



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