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-ways to detect menopause-
24 Replies
sheila - September 1

Do I have any way of knowing whether I am nearing menopause? Other than the symptoms, is there any other proven ways to detect it?


stacy - September 2

I guess, symptoms are best way to detect menopause... You may reach menopause in your early 40's or as late as your 60's.


lyka - September 2

have you heard of FSH? this is a home test kit which measures follicle stimulating hormone in your urine. this is said to be accurate.


andrea - September 2

yes fsh is very effective to detect menopause. a positive test indicates that you are in the menopausal stage.


may-anne - September 2

no i don't think so! this fsh will not give you reliable answers. you should consult your doctor regarding on this. they may give you better ideas. most important thing to do is to take note of any menopausal symptoms.


ginger - September 3

sheila? i am just wondering... how old are you now? are you experiencing any symptoms?


sheila - September 9

i am 43, and suffering from menopause symptoms. i still have periods but not regular and its not heavy like it used to. i've been taking herbal treatments but i don't see any effects. my symptoms are still worse than ever. i wanted to know when will this end.


karen - September 10

sheila, in every beginning there is always an end. don't worry cos it will end soon. meanwhile, talk to your doctor for some other alternative remedies.


trixie - September 15

best thing is to talk to your gynecologist. they may have other alternatives for this. anyway, you mentioned herbal treatments, what are you using then? have you tried the black cohosh? i heard it's effective...


sheila - September 16

yeah i've tried it but it never worked like what we've heard from others who tried it. my gyne prescribed HRT pills which i will be start taking later today. hopefully, this one will work for me.


imee - September 17

try evening primrose siberian ginseng. been using it for 2 weeks. so far, so good.


ladyinred - September 18

i take all sorts of herbal supplements at various stages in my life. but none of them promises permanent relief.


missy - September 21

try Menozac. it is an all Natural Menopause Relief Supplement. works pretty well with my meno symptoms.


gellO - September 22

HRT patches or gel, less side effects. choose the right one for you.


imee - September 23

i agree with HRT patches. it's better than HRT pills. HRT pills is known to increase risk of gallbladder disease which is common in post-menopausal women.


may-anne - September 25

HRT patches are effective for me. but the problem is it caused me skin allergies. now i have to take it off and rest until my allergies heal. i wonder how will it be for gel.


noreen - September 25

i think patches are better than gel cos it's always there. ask advise from your GP about the other patches. i'm using estradot patches. different patches uses different adhesive. you might want try it, it's allergy free.



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