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-ways to detect menopause-
24 Replies
noreen - September 25

i think patches are better than gel cos it's always there. ask advise from your GP about the other patches. i'm using estradot patches. different patches uses different adhesive. you might want try it, it's allergy free.


suzette - September 29

i've been using vivelle dot, which i changed twice a week. i've never had problems with rashes which is mostly discussed by many women who is having one.


chandra - September 29

skin irritation is common with patches. if you're having this problem you might want to ask your doctor about using some cortizone cream after the patches is removed.


lindsay - September 29

i've been using vivelle dot too. i developed a rash under the patch. but still i'm using it because it works for me not to mention the rashes side effects. what i did is i never put a new patch in the exact same spot until the rashes went away. went away


juliet - October 16

allergic reactions resulting in irritation and redness can be a problem for patches. go for the gel form of hrt.


PeterMatin - April 1

Menopause symptoms include irregular cycle and the early or delayed discharge.


dizzy11 - July 4

I'm pretty sure I've been perimenopausal for the last year or so as my cycles have been really heavy, alwful clots now gone shorter, and scanty, being feeling really hot and then lots of shivers, trouble sleeping and waking up really early (which is so not like me!) and lots of dizzyness around mid and end cycle. Blood test for FSH showed nothing unusual and notes from dr about the test said "clearly not perimneopause". It makes me laugh and mad at the same time that they don't believe me.One blood test isn't that reliable and hormone levels can fluctuate like mad during peri time. I'm back to the dr's this week but is there anything else I can do to prove what is going on. I have been keeping a diary of my symptons since Jan. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


keanda - August 1

I'm new to the forum.
dizzy 11 I had the tests done to see if I was perimenipausal and like yourself came back negative. I've just come back from the gynacologist today and I mentioned that I was having the flushes etc but the test was negative. She said there is no way that the blood tests can be accurate as long as a woman is having a period, as well as the hormones fluctuating at different times of the month


dizzy11 - August 1

Thanks Keanda, I've not been referred to a gynae yet but just had another load of blood tests as the shivers and sweats have been getting more frequent. Tested for thyroid and that's ok and have been waiting the results of menopause test. But reckon they'll not show anything untoward as still getting the periods.Hey ho, perhaps a gynae can check for levels of ostrogen and progesterone as sure these are not picked up on the routine test for menopause which covers fsh and lh. Will have to wait and see.



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