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abdominal flutters
19 Replies
aubrey - August 27

I'm 43 years old and i'm experiencing abdominal flutters. Is this a symptoms of menopause or pregnancy? I need some advice, anyone please?


lyka - August 27

Flutters are not related to pregnancy. This is a repetitive contractions of the abdominal musculature. Abdomen flutters can possibly a symptoms of menopause.


felicity - August 27

Aubrey, may i ask you something? Do you have kids? If so, then you should know that there is a big difference between kicks and flutters.


julie - August 27

Take a pregnancy test. You would have many more symptoms of pregnancy before you noticed a flutter. Anyway, how's your menstrual cycle? Is it normal?


vida - August 27

Aubrey, how long has the fluttering going on? Have you missed a period? Please be more specific with your details.


aubrey - August 28

Yes, I have missed 2 months of menstrual cycle. Could it be possible that i'm pregnant?


felicity - August 28

It's probably a gas. Even if you were pregnant you would not feel the baby flutters that soon. Or maybe this could be a symptoms of perimenopause. Either way, have it checked.


aubrey - September 3

yeah it was a gas. thanks for the information. i had my period last night which makes me think that i'm not preggy but all of a sudden today it stopped and all i have is just a little spotting. what could this possibly mean now?


carol - September 7

aubrey, you know what? you sounded like you're indenial. these are obviously symptoms of menopause. aren't you aware of this?


aubrey - September 8

dear carol, thanks for your sweet reply! first of all, i wouldn't be here in this forum if i think i know what my problem is. i believe that this forum is made up for people to share ideas and advice. aren't you aware of that? now, if you don't have anything good to say, it would be better if you don't say anything at all!!!


carol - September 11

whoa! you're being insensitive. i don't mean anything personal, i'm sorry if you misunderstood my reply. good luck!


jackie - September 15

aubrey, i think i have the same problem as yours. i have also been experiencing a symptom that feels like fluttering in different parts of my abdomen and sometimes my upper thigh. could it be more like spasms?
please share if you know the answer, thanks!


ladyinred - September 17

been experiencing this one too for some months ago. mine is in the lower part of the abdomen, no pain. simply flutters but quite alarming.


emily - September 18

i have been having this strange feeling as well,
it kinda freak me out sometimes.
if anybody finds out what is causing this,
please let me know...


sheila - September 24

pain in the abdomen can originate from any of the internal organs. although abdominal pain aren't serious cases, sometimes you will need to see a doctor for further investigation.


zenT - September 25

i know this this is off topic but kinda connect with the fluttter thing. mine is chest flutter, i feel this especially when i'm stress. i don't know what this is and i don't have heart issues. does anyone here feeling this?


irene - September 29

if I were you I would go and get it checked out. i have a strong feelings that it could be related to a heart problem.



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