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benefits of HRT
21 Replies
carol - August 25

What are the benefits of HRT? I want to know more information and input from women who have tried it, if it works and the side effects of it.


lyka - August 26

HRT controls menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, skin changes, mood swing and many more. Hormone replacement therapy can ease these symptoms. However, there are a number of risks and side effects associated with this.


sandra - August 26

Hormone replacement therapy can be scary and confusing. Here are some risks and possible side effects of HRT: Breast pain, slightly increased risk of heart attack, slightly increased risk of ovarian cancer, Nausea, associated primarily with oral estrogens, Bloating and fluid retention.


julie - September 3

sandra that sounds really scary. how do know if someone needs to get HRT for their menopause symptoms?


mimi - September 4

julie do not take HRT! i've been using this before and as soon as i started taking them, lumps formed in my breast.


julie - September 7

OMG! i am scheduled to take HRT tomorrow, good thing i've read your reply. are you sure that the lumps that formed in your breast are due to HRT? what should i do?


mimi - September 8

yes, i am very sure that this lumps was formed when i was taking HRT. although this may not be cancerous, but who knows in the future. should you consider herbal treatments? why not go for it instead.


irene - September 15

dosages prescribed for HRT vary and can be adjusted to meet a woman’s specific needs. usually the doctor would prescribe low dosage for treating symptoms of menopause.


julie - September 16

so how was the findings of your breast lumps mimi? did you have it checked? is this due to taking HRT? please inform us...


mimi - September 17

i'm still arranging to see my gyne by next week. honestly, too afraid to hear the truth. need to calm myself first. thanks for asking. i'll inform you soon.


trixie - September 18

i have a pea feeling lump on both breast. does it need to be examined?


amanda - September 21

it is not uncommon for breast tissue to feel lumpy. i think you should see a breast specialist.


ginger - September 22

i know for sure that most lumps are not cancerous. but it is important to find a lump early so that it can be evaluated at an early stage. monthly breast self-exam and regular mammograms is important thing for a woman to do so that they will know their normal breast and can easily detect lumps if one appears.


trixie - September 23

are breast cancer always expressed in the form of a lump? aside from lumps, i feel pain and tenderness in the nipple which is my main concern now. please give me some advice.


lindsay - September 25

if your breast has redness in the area, nipple discharge, or fever then you have breast infection. you may need antibiotics.


maxie - September 25

that's right! but take not that breast tenderness is not really a medical illness so i don't think it should be treated with strong drugs.


karen - September 25

trixie- there are number of possibilities for that. it really depends on the symptoms. a simple lump when left untreated can lead to breast cancer. so be watchful!



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