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best thing your partner has done...
12 Replies
vida - September 7

what's the best thing that your partner has done to help you through menopause? care to share your experiences here? i'll start with mine: my husband has been great with me during this time. he's been very patient and sympathetic. he would always make me feel better.


izzy - September 7

which is harder to deal with, perimenopause or postmenopause? i'm just curious. i'm in my primenopausal stage and i feel like i'm in hell. can anybody answer my question?


izzy - September 7

i'm sori, wrong reply... this is ought to be new post...


andrea - September 7

during the time of my menopause, my husband offers me to do exercise with him. it became a healthy ritual that we both feel good about.


xyza - September 8

many partners want to be supportive but aren't sure where to start. most especially if you both are going through this stage. i have personally experienced this and all i can say is, it's never that easy.


stacy - September 11

my husband gives me a good massage or does a nice meal. i have had major anxiety/depression problems since starting the peri-menopause and i am trying hard to hide it from him. but he can read mind like a book.


irene - September 11

I have tottaly self centered with my problems - but he has always understood & supported me. he has always been considerate & understanding


sean - September 15

If your wife or partner is feeling undesirable it may be automatic for you to express how beautiful and sexy she is. this is the best thing i've ever done for my wife.


ralph - September 17

having problem convincing my wife that she's still beautiful in my eyes. have any technique to share with sean?


sean - September 18

no special techniques ralph. just be yourself and be the person she once knew and fell inlove with. you've been together for so long now so she could say when you're being honest or not. needless to say, she knew you from the start.


ralph - September 24

well said sean! i barely noticed a single tear roll over my cheeks. lol! funny but true... thanks dude! that is such an advice! it hit me big time!


louis - September 30

this is a very interesting topic. i wish i could contribute to help you.


noreen - October 16

you may share your experience here louis... we will be very happy to hear from you... how's your wife by the way? is she really pregnant?



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