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birth control...
22 Replies
maxie - September 1

i am now in my menopausal i still need birth control?


lyka - September 1

yes! definitely yes! you should still use birth control if you don't want to get pregnant up until you have gone one year without a period.


carol - September 3

maxie, when is the last time you had your period? i need to know before i answer your question. thank!


maxie - September 4

carol, i had my last period just a couple of months ago. i had heavy bleeding the last time before it ended. i hope to find an answer to this. thank you!


lyka - September 7

technically speaking, when you say menopause, it means you have had no menstrual bleeding for a year. but since a couple of months ago you had your cycle, i think you're still in perimenopause and definitely you still need birth control pills.


maxie - September 8

okay i get it. thanks lyka! anyway, is there any special birth control pills that is right for my condition? or should i still use the same pills? i want to know what you ladies are using.


danessa - September 9

birth control pills may not be advisable if you are over 40 years old. why not ask your gyne. she might have better ideas.


izzy - September 10

Lybrel, is a low-dose pill that's designed to be taken continuously for one year. this is meant to suppress all menstrual bleeding.


sheila - September 15

birth control pills reduce the amount of heavy menstrual bleeding specially in perimenopausal woman. seasonale and yasmin maybe a good choice of birth control pills.


maxie - September 16

hmmmm..... sounds confusing! i'm over 40 years old now. so does it mean i can no longer use pills?


vida - September 17

maxie peri/menopause cause all kinds of symptoms including missed menstrual periods, light periods and heavy ones. this is very typical. but if the situation has become very problematic to you, consult your doctor then.


maxie - September 18

when can we know when our period is abnormally heavy? is this what they call menorrhagia?


janine - September 21

the condition of experiencing heavy periods is medically known as menorrhagia. however, there are still many reasons for heavy bleeding and treatments may vary from causes. so i guess it would be best to consult your GP.


andrea - September 22

i think the most important step is to determine what is causing the bleeding. because if severe enough, it can also lead to anemia.


maxie - September 23

what exactly is this menorrhagia? is it a serious problem? how do we know if we have this?


olivia - September 25

common causes of menorrhagia includes-- hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, menopause, cancer, liver or kidney disease, dysfunctions of the ovaries, uterine fibroids and many more.


izzy - September 25

A heavy period is the result of abnormal uterine bleeding which is called menorrhagia. this may be caused by medical problems and hormonal imbalances.



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