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blurry eyes need help here...
20 Replies
imee - September 11

has anyone here ever experienced blurry eyes? i just want to know since i've been experiencing this every morning for almost a year now. is this related to menopause or should i go to the opticians?


lyka - September 11

hey i have noticed it sometimes specially in the morning. it takes approximately 15 mins before i could focus on something. i've had this question in my mind for so long now. if you happen to know the answer, please let me know. thanks!


andrea - September 15

dry eyes are a common problem in menopausal stage. however, problems related to the eyes are not simple conditions. so i suggest you should consult this to an opticians.


trixie - September 17

i get this one too every morning when i wake up. it takes 20 mins before i could see clearly. too bad!


karen - September 18

i thought i would be the only one person experiencing this. if this is meno symptoms, hope we could find solution to this. anyway, how did you ladies manage to handle it?


may-anne - September 18

my friend's been through this too. she simply massage the little glands that run along the inner edge of the lower eyelid. do this regularly and it does help.


ladyinred - September 21

dry eyes is related to menopause. consider this as serious problem because this condition increases one's risk of visual impairment when left untreated. have it checked earlier as possible.


maxie - September 23

i get wattery eyes as well as blurry. they actually sting! never thought about this as meno. been to optician and the only advice he gave is drops.


juliet - September 25

maintaining good eye health tips:
regular annual eye examinations.
reporting to doctor about vision changes.
wearing UV eye protection during outdoor.
eating healthy diet.


carol - September 25

i have it too... most likely the doctor would just advice for an eye drops. that's bullshit! why can't they give us one good reason for this?


wea - September 28

dried eyes may cause blurry vision. try this-- similasan dry eye drops, works fairly well!


xyza - September 29

anyone of you here have difficulties in driving because of blurry vision? this is how worse my blurry vision is... any ideas will be much of help.


sandra - October 16

i do too! most especially at night which driving makes so hard for me.


missy - October 30

improve the intake of vitamin A. 25,000 IU of vitamin A are recommended daily.


maTilda - November 17

hi, i've been taking HRT for 3years now, but lately i'm feeling that my vision seem somewhat blurred. i've always thought that HRT can help you with menopausal symptoms, but why am i experiencing this now?


imee - November 24

if that's the case, maybe you should try visit optometrist this time. they can provide information about your eye problem.


liezl - December 1

visit your optometrist as well as your's worth it if you get to hear advices from both sides.



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