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breast cancer patient
19 Replies
missy - August 28

I was diagnosed of breast cancer some years ago. I'm now having menopausal symptoms and planning to get HRT. But apparently, a friend told me that i can't have it since i'm not yet fully recovered from my sickness. What else can i take?


lyka - August 28

There are a range of non-hormonal drugs which have been shown to reduce menopause symptoms. You may as well want to discuss this with your doctor, they may have natural alternative to HRT.


janine - August 31

Yes your friend is absolutely right!Doctor's do not recommend it. HRT can increase the risk that the breast cancer will come back. It also increases the risk of developing another breast cancer.


wea - August 31

There are a number of other drugs that are sometimes offered to women with breast cancer.One of which i know is the gabapentin.But this can also cause serious side effects.


juliet - August 31

Low doses of an antidepressant called venlafaxine (Efexor) may be helpful. But it takes a few weeks to work and may not help some women at all.


vida - September 3

missy? did you talked to your doctor? i guess you need to let him/her know about your problem. your case is delicate. how's your cancer issue by the way?


missy - September 7

My gyne wasn't aware of my cancer issue. i told her about my menopause symptoms and she told me that it is all up to me if i take medications or not. i was even shocked when she advises against them if symptoms are manageable.


vida - September 8

good for you. i don't think you're having problems with the symptoms right? a good exercise and healthy diet might best for you.


missy - September 15

i have no problem dealing with my menopause symptoms except for one... DEPRESSION! my worst enemy...


missy - September 16

can anybody tell me how HRT works for depression? anyone tried it? aside from depression, i'm having this anxiety too...


jackie - September 17

you know, this are actually disorders affecting us physically and emotionally. researchers have not yet found the true benefits of HRT towards depression and anxiety.


lyka - September 18

depression is the most frightening symptoms of menopause as far as mood swing are concern. i urge you to at least try natural therapies before going down the HRT route.


sandra - September 21

certain types of HRT appear to increase the risk of breast cancer in some women. so whether and how to use it is an individual decision that depends on many things.


danessa - September 22

what about taking vitamins and HRT at the same time for a breast cancer patient? is it possible? my friend who has history of cancer is taking vitamins and HRT at the same time. any feedbacks for this one?


maxie - September 22

if you're a cancer patient, you should ask your doctor about risks before taking vitamins. some vitamins can interfere with chemotherapy.


chandra - September 23

maxie's right. some vitamins may also contain too much iron which may also raise the risk of heart disease.


ginger - September 25

different cancer cells may respond differently to vitamins. but some supplements may be beneficial for some patients especially to those who cannot eat a balanced diet.



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