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breast lumps
15 Replies
emily - September 9

is it normal to be afraid when you find a lump in your breast? i've been thinking if this was formed after taking hrt. has anyone out there had a similar experience and found anyone or anything that can help?


sheila - September 10

that's really scary! you know what breast lump means? it's an early symptoms of breast cancer. i'm not saying you have one, but who knows? have it check with your gyne.


lyka - September 11

i disagree with you sheila. there are many causes of breast lumps. some of the causes are harmless while others can be painful or dangerous. either way, breast lump should be evaluated by a doctor to exclude or establish a diagnosis of cancer.


emily - September 15

this sounds serious problem to me now. are there any treatment or home remedy for this?


karen - September 17

self massage can sometimes help. do you have breast lumps?


emily - September 18

yup, i think i have one on my left breast. this has been bothering me for so long now.


juliet - September 21

i had the same problem. i had a lump but it didn't show on mammo and my gyne said it was nothing. any suggestions?


noreen - September 22

how do you feel about it after your gyne said it was nothing in it? if you have the instinct that you have the lump, don't hesitate. have it double checked. it's better to be safe than feel sorry in the end.


andrea - September 23

i agree with noreen! my friend had the same problem with you juliet wherein at first mamo the doctor said there was nothing in it. but then my friend went on 2nd mamo in which she was diagnosed of having cyst. she even went for her 3rd mamo and it was really cyst. so have it checked again.


princess - September 25

is there any difference between cyst and lumps? i thought they are the same...


ginger - September 25

i think lumps does not move when you press it while cyst moves around and you can't barely press them. i'm not so sure about this


sandra - September 29

breasts cysts may come and go depending on the hormonal imbalances. cysts may feel tender and hard when touched.


emily - October 16

i am very confused between lumps and cysts... does cysts or lumps hurt?


jackie - November 9

lumps?i'm not sure.cyst?depends.if it is a fibrocystic breasts, then yes they hurt.


lyka - November 10

fibrocystic breast is not cancerous. yes it is painful and usually has a burning sensation, but this condition only occurs during childbearing years.


phoebe - November 12

so meaning to say, fibrocystic is not related to menopause, right? what other type of cysts could form during menopause then?



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