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19 Replies
ginger - August 25

How old can a woman get menopause. I am confused because i'll be turning 52 early next year and i still have my monthly period and its still normal.


danessa - August 25

there is no exact age for a woman to get menopause. Some happens to get menopause at an early age due to ovarian failure.


sheena - August 27

Normally around 50, but this can also be delayed until almost 60 or more. This varies from woman to woman.


carol - August 27

This sometimes tends to be hereditary. If your mother had a late menopause, then you are more likely to follow that pattern.


lyka - August 28

Nice to hear that! Aren't you happy? Not all woman are as lucky as you are. I don't think it should be a serious problem.


ginger - September 2

yeah, i guess so. i just hope i would get it soon. the sooner the better. nobody wants to get menopause at the age of 60, don't you think so?


lyka - September 3

you're right! well i think you're just wondering what's it going to be... everyone does...


diane - September 9

i had symptoms of menopause at an early age. i am 25 now and my period has been going on and off. what should i do?


may-anne - September 10

what do you mean by on and off? is it irregular?


diane - September 15

no it isn't, it's very irregular. when i have my period for this month, then the next 2-3 months is no period at all. what is this?


mimi - September 16

are you taking contraceptives? how long have you been experiencing this?


may-anne - September 17

i'm sorry you are having that kind of problem diane, and i'm sori to say that it's impossible for you to get menopause or peri or meno with your age. talk to your doctor, i believe its something else.


stacy - September 18

i agree, 25 is extremely unlikely to be the case diane. sometimes that can happen for no known reason


diane - September 21

i'm not taking any birth control pills, haven't tried using it at all. been experiencing this since last year. i'm not sexually active and i'm still single.


marsha - September 22

i have read an article that having irregular periods, no periods, or abnormal bleeding often indicates that you aren't ovulating. i think this is what they call polycystic ovarian syndrome.


wea - September 23

this is probably the most common hormonal disorder among women. the exact cause of polycystic ovary syndrome is unknown. however, early diagnosis and treatment can help reduce the risk of long term complications.


gellO - October 2

is polycystic ovarian syndrome connected to menopause? i mean does menopausal women experience this?



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