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Copying with menopause
27 Replies
zsuzsannaeszter - August 14

The first and only one symptom of menopause for me is insomnia. I have been suffering now nearly 15 years. HRT treatment has eased it for a while but now my body totally rejects it so it's very difficult to work and carry on as before. Anyone has had similar experience or any way of copying with the lack of sleep?


hotandsweaty - August 24

For me its the night sweats but i found a great product in spain that seems to have helped with that problem its called bedfan and it blows cool fresh air between the sheets its great its some of the other symptoms i cant cope with lol


sheena - August 27

Insomnia can really be a problem during menopause. Try relaxing techniques like yoga sessions, meditations, and aerobic classes.


xyza - September 3

bedfan? wow, that sounds interesting! can you tell us how can we get it? i'm planning to get one.


mimi - September 7

hotandsweaty, i've heard of this one. it's a gadget that you attach to your mattress. i know people are using this to save money on air condition. yes, this could really help with night sweats! i haven't thought of this one until i've read your post.. thanks for the info!


juliet - September 8

hey, i've heard of this one from a friend. i went through my computer to search it online and was very amazed with all the comments. especially with women experiencing hot flushes and they say it really helped them go to sleep.


hotandsweaty - September 9

i cant post links or website address but if you google bedfan you get through to the US site then click on the link for Europe


mimi - September 9

hotandsweaty- thanks a lot for the info. this is such a big help not only to those who suffered from menopause symptoms. this can also help people who is in medical condition and suffering from night sweats.


xyza - September 10

i just purchased my bedfan last week and happy with the result. my husband is suffering from insomnia due to night sweats. this has helped him a lot.


hotandsweaty - September 11

xyza thats great did you buy from the europe site? as its the correct voltage for the uk


hotandsweaty - September 11

unless you are in the US you will have to buy a step up transformer starts to get a bit pricy then they have a special offer on the EU site 79 euro plus postage and packing.


xyza - September 15

hi hotandsweaty! i got it from a friend and it comes with a complete set, so no hassle. thanks for asking.


justine - September 17

hmmm... pretty interesting topic here. gotta need to check on this one too! be needing it for sure...


xyza - September 18

i definitely would recommend this to everybody! it's worth the pay!


vida - September 21

xyza been thinking of getting one too. what exactly the set includes?


izzy - September 22

bedfan huh? how well does it work for night sweats? is this the traditional fan? how does it look like? never heard of this, sorry for being ignorant.


vida - September 23

bedfan are for people dealing with night sweats. google it to see how it look likes.



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