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dry skin problem
35 Replies
may-anne - August 25

I have a very bad dry skin, this is due to my menopause. I use moisturizers but they make my skin greasy. Does anybody knows any moisturizers or treatment for this? Thanks in advance!


lyka - August 26

Dry skin is common in menopause. You should drink lots of water. And if possible, add oil to your diet. This could help.


sandra - August 26

Coconut oil is most especially good for your skin. This is great for cooking and as a salad base. Hormonal changes is often the main cause of dry skin, so avoid stress and get a good night's sleep.


aubrey - August 27

Our skin during menopause takes a little more time and attention than during other times of your life. Make sure that your skin is properly moisturized. Use lotion several times throughout the day. This may prevent your skin from being dry.


wea - August 27

Avoid steamy showers. Hot waters can be very harsh to skin leaving it dry and chappy. Too much exposure to sunlight may also cause dryness of the skin. Remember to put on sunscreen when your out in the sun.


juliet - August 28

Use shielding lotion instead of moisturizers. A shielding lotion makes your skin feel good. It locks in the skin's natural moisture and keeps out the chemicals that causes dry skin.


sheena - August 31

Avoid morning showers. Instead, bathe before bed using an oatmeal product. Put a little oil in the bath if your skin feels extra dry. Milk bath once a month is also effective.


ginger - September 2

you know what ladies? whatever your age, you should effectively be taking care of your skin. treat your skin on the inside as well as the outside. make sure you change your diet as well as using appropriate products. goodluck to us!


phobe - September 3

i think i should agree with you ginger. we don't need to wait for this menopausal thing to come into our life before we treat our skin when it's already been very dry. i think prevention is better than cure.


may-anne - September 7

ginger what products can you suggest for a dry skin? i want to know products that are inexpensive. is there any proper diet that we should follow to treat or prevent dry skin?


ginger - September 8

may-anne, one thing you should consider when choosing moisturizer or lotion for dry skin is to select the one that is right for your skin type. in this case you will get good results.


maxie - September 11

hi i have a very dry skin too. i simply use vaseline and it worked. you can also do milk bath once a week. it will nourish and smoothen your skin.


trixie - September 11

you don't need expensive skin creams to keep skin moisturized or keep it from being dry. you can simply use petroleum jelly or mineral oil as a moisturizer. it's cheap and effective.


izzy - September 15

i agree, petroleum jelly and mineral oil are effective for dry skin. but these products can leave your skin greasy, sticky and messy.


juliet - September 17

sure thing.. must be very patient with the sticky thing if you are too choose this treatment..


liezl - September 17

fish oil supplements is excellent for dry skin. haven't really tried it myself but my sister did.


sheena - September 18

what about for very dry and itchy skin? is there any home remedies for this?



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