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dry skin problem
35 Replies
sheena - September 18

what about for very dry and itchy skin? is there any home remedies for this?


lyka - September 24

in most cases like this, one is advice to see a dermatologists. very dry and itchy skin may sometimes be a symptom of a disease. avoid self medication because some medicines make the itchiness worse.


sheena - September 25

yeah i know, but i have been suffering with this condition since i was teenager. now, it got worse because i can see my skin is cracked and sometimes bleed because of dryness. do you think it's a disease?


tinkywinky - September 25

cracked skin are much harder to treat than dry skin. see a doctor.


vida - September 25

soak the affected area in warm water for around 15 minutes a day, and dry it thoroughly. try to add oils to the water for added moisture. hope this helps.


liezl - September 28

i feel for you sheena. i've been cursed for very dry and sometimes cracked skin. i have never encountered best medicines yet. all medicines that my doctor prescribed doesn't seem to work. i am totally in despair now!


sheena - September 29

sorry to hear that liezl!
i wonder if there's anti-biotic to be taken for this...

bumping for replies!


may-anne - October 16

just as you know, anti-biotic may cause dry skin. but it may also heal cracked skin.


karen - October 31

hi, i have similar problem here regarding dry skin.mine is more on my elbows and knees.i also have very dry heels.any advice you can give would gladly accept it.


noreen - November 2

baby oils can help heal dry knees, elbows and heels. these are the areas that tend to dry and cracked so i think you lubricate it more often than you should.


maTilda - November 9

hi ladies! thanks for all the information i got here. i'm also facing the same problem "dry skin" and i'm so happy to finally found this forum site. i have learned many things and eventually would follow each and every advice here. thanks again, more power to us and keep it up!


princess - November 12

i wonder if petroleum jelly could help eliminate dry skin. has anyone tried it?


carol - November 26

i don't understand why people use petroleum jelly to moisturize their skin.
some even use it as lip moisturizer.
i don't believe that this has any benefits at all.
sorry to say that but that's definitely true!


andrea - November 26

yes i should agree with carol! petroleum jelly is the worst thing you can ever use on any part of your body. this will only harden your skin instead of soothing it.


princess - November 26

that was something!i used to use petroleum jelly to take off eye make-up and that's all..i haven't tried it on skin cause it's kinda messy.thanks for the information.anyway,how about mineral/baby oil for dry skin?


chandra - December 1

based on my experienced, mineral oil is a safe and effective moisturizer. been using it since i was teen and all i can say is that it perfectly works with my skin.



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