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eager to know the answer
20 Replies
chelsea - September 15

hi! i have spotted some changes in my breast while looking at the mirror last night. it's a sudden and unusual changes in the shape and texture. what could this be?


lyka - September 16

breasts are constantly changing as women aged. gaining or losing weight may tend to change breasts as well. i think this is normal so you shouldn't be alarmed.


aubrey - September 17

do you feel any pain? is it swollen? i get mine sore and tender sometimes. wonder what this could be.


marsha - September 18

mine is very painful and sensitive nipples. very much like when i was pregnant. is this just hormone imbalance?


karen - September 18

try evening primrose oil. it has been mentioned many times before on this forum. this extremely effective for me when I had a lot of breast tenderness.


ginger - September 18

usually progesterone cream helps with the sore boobs. been using this for sometime and it worked for me.


jackie - September 21

this is called estrogen overload. breasts can get terribly painful when this occurs. you probably need some new bras. wearing the right size bra makes sure that your breasts get adequate support and gives you a bit relief.


karen - September 23

breast pain is not a common symptom of cancer. so we don't need to be alarmed.

common causes of breast pain include:
alcoholism with liver damage
infection of the breast tissue (mastitis)


vida - September 25

my breast is so heavy that sometimes lead to pain under my armpit. is it just because i gain weight? my nipples are sometimes swelling and there's kinda discharge coming out.


lindsay - September 25

you are most likely a candidate to visit breast clinic. some nipple discharge could mean a cancerous tumor. i think you should be aware of that!


diane - September 28

there are many underlying causes for this. would you mind telling us the color of the discharge? is it yellow, green, brown or bloody?


vida - September 29

at first it was just kinda yellow but now it turns into brownish or bloody type of color. do i need to panic?


sheena - October 16

you should be vida!

i feel that the symptoms are not normal anymore.

how does it goes when you sleep at night?


vida - October 30

i feel a bit uncomfortable and irritable at night.i also feel a bit of tingling sensation.and when i wake up in the morning it feels so numb.does this sound allarming?


ladyinred - November 17

hi vida!it's been a while since your last post.i just wonder if your still bugging for answers.i'd loved to help.


vida - November 24

hi, sorry it took me so long to reply. been very busy lately. anyway, my nipple still hurts but it's not as bad as before. discharged disappeared but the swelling is still there. never had the chance to visit doctor. :(


cheska - December 3

some women i know who takes HRT experienced this kind of problem. are you on HRT vida?



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