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Emotional Wreck!!!
3 Replies
rudestickers - August 25

I'm in my second year of menopause and I am having difficulty dealing with my emotions. I have been through so many different ones from crying for no reason to feeling overly upbeat and positive. But I am struggling to deal with my current state of mind and it's worrying me. I feel as if everything in my life is out of control, from dealing with the kids to getting the housework done! It's making me exhausted cos I can be awake all night at least once a week. I'm driving my husband round the twist, he works away and up until now I've just got on with it! Now I feel needy and insecure which he doesn't understand. I went to my doctor and she gave me tablets to get me to sleep, I've not taken any cos I don't want to feel zonked out, and be unable to wake if the kids need me!
I'm absolutely worn out and fed up. I wouldn't wish this on anyone else, but can anyone relate to how I'm feeling?
I don't want to feel so alone and thought some of you might be able to relate to how I feel.


mariaelena - August 29

Just joined today. Everything that you said I am going thru. My husband doesnt know what to expect from me day to day, neither do I. Used to be an early bird, exercised before work, came home from work, did household things and extras, stayed up late and slept good. Now tired, hard to get out of bed, I have to 'make'myself get ready for work which I changed to part time cuz full time was too much. I wake up all hours of the night, everything is out of control, gaining weight around my stomach, clothes not fitting, losing hair, depressed, anxiety, moody, hot, getting used to me being sweaty? Went to dr. gave me sleeping pills too, but they only work once in a while, and I dont want to be dependant on them. Eyes itchy, cant wear mascara, etc, etc and etc. And IF anyone should ask me how I am, well I might not be able to hold back the tears. When does this end??????????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!


rudestickers - August 29

Hi Marialena

I'm so sorry that you are having such an awful time, it's unbearable isn't it?
It's the middle of the night and I've been awake for hours, I hate this!

Whoever said "Life begins at 40!" must've been a Man!

I went back to my Dr's on Thursday and asked about HRT, he said it would only delay the inevitable so now I'm giving Prozac a try. What he said seemed to make sense, He said it would stop the anxiety and paranoia, which I found the hardest things to deal with. So fingers crossed.
I think you'll find a bit of comfort from reading the posts other women have put on here, I am, and it makes you feel like less of an oddball!

No You Are Not Going Mad!!!

Everything you and I are feeling is "normal" so please keep your chin up.

Take Care x


murphydog - September 9

I found acupuncture worked a treat - well at least it stopped the madness!!!! Hang on in there girls it will get better - promise!!!



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