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11 Replies
noreen - September 16

can a person with epilepsy history take HRT pills for menopause symptoms? anyone here?


danessa - September 17

there is a little information or study about this case. some says nothing changes while taking HRT while other says it helps decrease seizures.


vida - September 18

during menopause and other times of hormonal fluctuation, women are at a greater risk gum problems. again,... changes in estrogen levels!


olivia - September 21

some doctor says women who used the type of HRT that includes progestin were much less likely to have worsening of their seizures than those who took only estrogen. so it only means to say that it depends on the type of HRT that they are taking.


felecity - September 24

studies show that seizure frequency increased in women who used HRT. best thing to do is to talk to both your neurologist and gynecologist about the best way to manage the menopause without upsetting your seizure control.


lindsay - September 25

i have a friend who is suffering from epilepsy and under HRT pills for menopause symptoms. but i don't see anything wrong with her. anyway, how long does the side effects take place?


maxie - September 29

if menopausal symptoms need treatment it would be advisable to discuss with the doctor the effect that HRT may have on epilepsy. speak to your doctor for further advice.


diane - October 16

it depends, if the person with epileptic history is taking medication, it may complicate with HRT pills. she may uses patches instead.


alelli - December 17

what are some alternative treatment for an epileptic woman suffering from manopause symptoms?


inGrid - December 17

depends on the symptoms that your trying to treat. it is very important that you take treatment which will not complicate your medication for epilepsy if your taking one.


belinda - December 17

herbal treatment is the answer to this! it won't complicate with other medications because it's herbal.


betty - December 17

there are some epilepsy drugs that are used to treat menopausal woman. the drug is called neurontin. but this has only been approved as an epilepsy medication.



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