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eye problem
25 Replies
tinkywinky - September 17

i don't know if anyone here ever experienced this.....

very dry eyes, itchy and watery most of the times.
i'm having it right now and eager to find some answers.


ladyinred - September 17

dry eyes may cause itchiness and makes your eyes water profusely. this happens to me sometimes but can't really tell what's causing this. i just use eyedrops.


felecity - September 18

dry eyes may result from estrogen, progesterone, testosterone deficiency or from an imbalance of any of the three. this is according to my doctor.


zenT - September 24

two reasons for dry eyes:
1. insufficient oil production by the meibomian glands.
2. too much evaporation of the eye’s watery tears.
when your eyes stay dry for too long, the result is red, itchy, and swollen eyes.


karen - September 25

the most common ocular condition which presents during menopause is dry eyes. but here are five additional common causes of dry eyes:
decrease in blinking
contact lenses
some medications


xyza - September 25

dry eyes can lead to irritation and burning of the eyes. get out of the sun because just like wind, the sun dries out things, including your eyes.


andrea - September 25

here's some useful tip that i would like to share. oil your eyes with a washcloth compress. place a warm washcloth on your closed eyelids for five to ten minutes several times a day to help open the clogged oil glands in the eyelids.


mimi - September 28

dry eye can be caused by the drying out of the tear film. it cannot be cured but there are a number of steps that can be taken to treat them. one example is the artificial tear drops and ointments. this is the primary treatment for dry eyes.


tinkywinky - September 29

can we get that over the counter or should we need prescriptions from the doctor first. can't barely stand this anymore.


mimi - October 16

not sure if you can get it over the counter. i think it would be better if you ask for your health providers.


noreen - October 31

eye problem is so far the most sensitive symptom of menopause.since our eyes are very important, we should take extra care for it.


LIEZL - November 2

hormones play a significant role in tear production.

so i think you should focus on that too.

disorders like diabetes and arthritis may also be a cause for this.


monica - November 9

is there any hormone medication that we can take to treat this problem?

are there any preventive measure for this?


danessa - November 12

eye problem can rage from mild to severe. so i think it would be better if you see an eye examiner for better advices regarding medication.


xyza - November 27

try eye drops-- the one that contains artificial tears. your eye care practitioner may prescribe this for you.


sheila - December 1

i wondered if this has happened to any of you here. i've been experiencing lost all begun when i started my menopause three years ago.i went to different opthalmologist but no one knows why i'm losing them.any advice?


kaye - December 1

hi sheila, i'm facing exactly the same problem. i have lost eyelashes on both eyes. i thought i was the only experiencing this. this really freaks me out. if you happened to find any solutions for this, please let me know.



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