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36 Replies
noreen - September 18

lol! very nice one ralph! seriously though, does it help? i know this is a stupid question but on the second thought, it will save time and energy right? hahaha!


maxie - September 24

hey, don't shave! shaving will cause hair to grow back thicker and darker.


chelsea - September 25

if you have fine hair on your face that is just a bit too dark to be noticed, bleach is a great option for you. this process is quick and painless.


liezl - September 25

sounds convincing chelsea. i think this will work for me.


stephanie - September 28

i don't think bleach will be able to get rid of unwanted facial hair growth. how does it help? i know it will turn hair into blonde but it's still there.


diane - September 29

you can bleach facial hair every couple of weeks. one the hair is lighten, you would hardly recognized it. that's how it works!


liezl - September 29

does it work on any skin types? i have sensitive skin.


chelsea - October 16

it may cause irritation on sensitive skin.
you try other alternatives like waxing.


janine - October 31

bleaching doesn't work for me because i have thick hair.i'm also kinda allergic to the wax.what other alternatives can you suggest?


izzy - November 2

try threading.simple, efficient and cheap process.all in the comfort of your home and easy to do.


noreen - November 9

natural cures may take some time in showing effects, but definitely the safest of all. good thing about this is that it won't give you serious side effects that can harm your skin.


irene - November 12

i don' know if this is the right board where i should post my question.but somehow this is kinda related to excess hair.i have been facing a problem with general excess body hair.i just noticed it recently.i wanted to know if this has something to do with menopause.does anyone here facing the same problem with mine?please let me know.


LIEZL - November 26

facial hair growth on face before or after menopause is your case, i can't really old are you by the way?


mia - December 1

hi irene, excess hair is related to menopause and it mostly appear on arms, legs and face. is this what you mean of general body excess hair?


irene - December 14

yes! but i also have it on my back but more on my face. i also noticed that my eyelashes keep falling and can't really understand why. are you having this too?


wea - December 15

falling eyelashes? partly it's due to aging. i get this one too, don't worry. i even got falling hairs.



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