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hair loss problem
25 Replies
irene - October 6

i'm so curious about this castor oil. how do we apply this on hair? do we need to wet our hair before applying it.


ginger - October 9

been wondering about it too!i do think that you need to wet your hair first, because castor oil is sticky and wet and it would be very difficult to apply it on dry hair.


felecity - October 16

no, you do not apply the castor oil on your hair!apply it directly to your scalp and the roots of your hair instead.


rosie - December 8

I have experienced a slight hair loss. This co-incided with starting on HRT. I visited my G.P. who said it was highly unlikely to be caused by HRT. he thought it was alapcia. My hairdresser disagreed. I am very worried as my mother lost all her hair at a similar age to me. My doctor also thought this was very rare and was highly unlikely to happen to me. I am now considering coming off HRT.


diane - December 9

well i guess you should do so. but have you considered approaching another doctor? they might give you other advices or they may have better explanations for your problem.


rosie - December 9

Thanks for your reply Diane. I am thinking that might be a good idea. It would be nice if there was a menopause clinic you could visit to discuss all your worries perhaps with a nurse. I hate going to the doctor and feel that they often feel you are wasting their time.


mia - December 11

that's what doctors are. they don't feel the patient's needs because they ignore them. they can't even give better explanations to our problems. they are so useless!


stephanie - December 11

look for your nearest health care provider, they can help. anyway, i also think it's a rare condition you got there rosie. haven't you asked your mom about
this before? could that be hereditary?


chelsea - December 11

i don't think it has something to do with HRT. must be some kind of hereditary or something.


chandra - December 11

losing hair is part of aging but losing all your hair is not normal. there must be something wrong with you. a trip to your gyne as soon as possible is what i would suggest.



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