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having problem with gums
19 Replies
noreen - September 16

hi everyone. i am new in this forum so i tot i'd like to introduce myself. i'm noreen, 47 years old, been preimenopause for 3 problem is regarding my gums.i noticed it was swollen and everytime i brush it bleeds.i want to know if this is another menopause symptoms since i haven't heard from others complaining the same problem.has anyone out there have similar problem with mine?hope to find some answers here.


irene - September 17

take COenzyme-Q-10, great stuff specially with gum problems. been experiencing this last year and this product gave me permanent relief.


ginger - September 18

try mouthwashes, they give temporary relief. for severe bleeding or soreness, consult your dentist.


diane - September 21

some women going through menopause may find that their gums become extremely dry and likely to bleed. but this are uncommom symptoms.


lyka - September 23

try rinsing with salt water or hydrogen peroxide and water. avoid alcohol containing mouthwashes, this will only worsen the problem.


suzette - September 25

gum bleeding is a sign of inflamed gums or gingivitis. if sores, swelling and puffiness occurs, take advice from your doctor.


mimi - September 25

woman are at high risk of dental and gum problem during menopause. gingivitis is a common gum problem but if left untreated, it can lead to more serious problems like periodontitis.


julie - September 28

persistent gum bleeding may be due to serious medical conditions. do you have any other unexplained symptoms with the bleeding?


noreen - September 29

what do you mean by unexplained symptoms with bleeding? aside from gum bleeding, i also suffer from sudden nose bleeding.


carol - September 29

gum bleeding and sudden nose bleeding are symptoms of acute leukemia. talk to your doctor because your symptoms might not just be associated with menopause. never spectulate as you might end up stressing yourself over nothing.


noreen - October 16

OMG! are you kidding? i don't feel anything except for the bleeding thing. any more input?


marsha - October 31

i have bleeding gums too but my doctor says it's a gingivitis.but every now and then my nose bleeds too.should i be alarmed?


suzette - November 13

bleeding gums associated with bleeding nose is something that you should be worried about. it's unusual thing to happen.


tinkywinky - November 24

bleeding gums and nose could cause a lot of things.
it can be dangerous if left untreated.
either way, i think it would be better if you have it check.


felicity - December 1

bleeding gums are most likely a menopause symptoms. but i suggest you speak to a dentist, they can give you better advice on this. bleeding nose on the other hand, is just another story, it isn't a menopause symptoms.


elaiza - December 11

there is no proven test that bleeding gums and nose related to menopause. these things are usually caused from a poor diet condition.


may-anne - December 11

can't really tell..i'm in menopause and i sometimes have bleeding gums.if this thing is not related to menopause then i guess something is wrong with me



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