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how to deal with a menopausal woman?
17 Replies
sean - August 31

I know how to deal with a menopausal woman. My wife had gone through that stage. One piece of advice that i can share is that, "always agree with her" and never stand in her way when she is having those moments. Believe me, this will pass. We both lived through it. Good luck!!!


vida - September 1

wow!your wife must be very lucky to have you as her are one in a million!!! CHEERS!!!


ralph - September 1

Dealing with a menopausal woman is very difficult thing to do. i mean,it's easier said than done right? any more tips for this one? i'm having hard time dealing with my wife..thanks for sharing


danessa - September 2

i think that the key to this kind of situation is patience. a lot of patience actually. keep an eye on all the good in your mate instead of the bad. Men needs to be compassionate and patient with their wife.


justine - September 2

(ralph)don’t try to figure it out man! would have to be inside a woman’s body to really know how it feels...just kidding...


sean - September 2

well... All I can say is that, you need to have the sense of humor and the “yes dear” kind of patience. Stick with it and everything will be okay. Been there and done that. Good luck people!


ralph - September 3

lol! nice one justine... but i think i should go on sean's advice... keep up the good work dude...


justine - September 9

yeah, take it from the expert. hahaha! anyway, how old are you guys?


ralph - September 9

i had a fight with my wife an hour ago. she's having a mood swing, i think! this menopause thing really pissed me off! aarrrgggggggg.... any advice?


carol - September 10

if you don't mind me asking, what causes your fight? there must be something that makes her mood swing triggers.


ralph - September 11

thanks for asking carol! i really don't know why. she just kept on saying that she's ugly and that i don't love her anymore and blah blah blah... so senseless!


lyka - September 15

menopausal stage is wherein women feel ugly for herself due to many changes in her body. this is the time that they could be very emotional. just let her feel that she's still beautiful in your eyes no matter what the changes are. hope this helps!


ralph - September 17

been trying to tell and even convince her that she's still beautiful. i mean, she really is i must say! doesn't work dunno why, dunno what to do...


lyka - September 18

emotional are woman's second nature. learn to deal with it. don't try and understand, just love her.


carol - October 2

is this board still alive? are you guys still bumping for replies?


danessa - October 2

i guess this board is closed now. why don't you open up a topic to keep the conversation rolling?


noreen - October 9

well... women whether menopause or not are just so hard to deal with! it's a fact that sometimes men should understand...



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