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29 Replies
suzette - September 4

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is known to relieve or treat mood swings in menopause. but this treatment does carry risks and must be recommended and monitored by a doctor.


xyza - September 4

HRT is recommended for relief of menopause symptoms. But it is also said to be recommended to healthy woman ( not yet experiencing menopause symptoms). this treatment help prevent osteoporosis. therefore, the risk of taking HRT are small.


phobe - September 7

i strongly agree with you xyza. HRT has proven to be effective in preventing osteoporosis but that was before. recent study shows that health is at risk with taking HRT nowadays. so therefore, balance of risks and benefits is usually not in favour of taking HRT to prevent osteoporosis for most women.


wea - September 7

you have a point, but HRT is adviced until you are aged 50 if you have early menopause. you know why? because this are the times that you'll have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis.


ginger - September 8

typically hrt is not recommended as the first choice for osteoporosis.but if you are at risk for osteoporosis and cannot take other medication, then your doctor will recommend hrt.


emily - September 15

bone loss following menopause is a natural process of aging. HRT therapy remains the single most effective treatment for this.


gellO - September 16

HRT plays a big role for menopause. aside from treating the symptoms, it will also treat and prevent you from osteoporosis. so, i guess this is the best solution for the menopause.


carol - September 17

does anyone here tried HRT gel? which is better, HRT patch or gel? i had rashes with the patch.


may-anne - September 18

i've been using gel. the advantage of a gel over a patch is that skin irritation is avoided.


jackie - September 21

i've been using sandrena gel for almost a year. i haven't experience any side effects yet, none so far. but i can't recommend you to use the same as it varies from person to person and women using any form of HRT should have regular medical and gynecological check-ups.


karen - September 22

i have been using Vivelle-Dot patches for about 3 weeks now. it's a great product and i haven't experienced allergies or rashes somewhat.


noreen - September 23

what's the difference between HRT pills and gel/patches? i'm kinda confused right now as to what to use...


felecity - September 25

most women like the convenience of using transdermal patches as a way to take HRT. while others have reported difficulty with rashes while using patches.


lindsay - September 25

i use testosterone gel and find it quite convenient. this gel is user-friendly.


phoebe - September 29

i am using gel because it has minimum side effects. not a problem applying it daily!


mimi - October 16

what kind of hrt gel are you using phoebe?
i'm planning to switch on gel..
not sure what brand to use..


ralph - October 31

is there HRT gel available for men?
i think this is a good idea.. :)



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