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29 Replies
ralph - October 31

is there HRT gel available for men?
i think this is a good idea.. :)


diane - November 2

yep there is! but are you sure that's such a clever idea? i heard some negative feedbacks about this gel for men.


justine - November 9

gel for men? what's the brandname diane? where can we get one?


diane - November 12

you can try androgel. it is available in all pharmacy, but you are required to first get a doctor's prescription before you can buy this.


justine - November 12

i'm very curious about this stuff.. how can this help and how should we use this? i mean.. it's a gel, right? where do we need to apply this?


ginger - November 12

it comes with an instructions for safe and effective use. use it regularly to get the most benefit but don't use it longer than recommended by your doctor.


vida - November 12


apply androgel at the same time each day on shoulders or upper arms. allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes before you get dress.

warning: do not apply androgel to your penis or your scrotum. LOL


ralph - November 12

ahahaha... good information vida! anyway, is there anyway that we could get allergies or overdosed with this?


izzy - November 12

side effects may include:

changes in your sex drive.
breast swelling or tenderness.
headache, depressed mood.
increased acne or hair growth.


chelsea - November 12

so, no serious side effects so far? i've been planning to get one for my husband. wonder if this method suits him since he has breathing problems.


vida - November 12

ralph-sick medical attention or confront your doctor if you feel you have used too much of the gel.this may not be a life threatening but it's better to be safe than sorry in the end.


louis - November 12

i have read an article about this and it says there that, if you have certain conditions like sleep apnea, kidney or liver disease and diabetes, you may need a dose adjustment. or better yet, consult your doctor first before using this medication.


terrence - November 12

hi i'm newbie here. i just want to share my experience about this gel, it was the worst experienced i ever had in my whole damn life actually. my face swelled like hell and so with my lips and tongue. it was kinda allergic reaction or something. i know that it may not happen to everyone, but i adviced you to have an allergy test first before using this. i hope this helps.


terrence - November 12

oh yes, and by the way... it also has serious side effects... and this includes... bothersome erections, swelling of your ankles, low fever, nausea, loss of appetite, and dark urine.



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