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HRT alternative bread
14 Replies
marsha - August 25

Has anyone here tried HRT alternative bread? Is it really effective? Where can we get one?


karen - September 3

it is really a bread you're talking about? do you mean to say bread containing HRT?


chelsea - September 4

hey, i think i've read about this one from another forum. it says that this hrt alternative bread really helped them in their menopause symptoms. i think someone is selling it now on ebay. why don't you check it out.


izzy - September 8

i've heard about this too and how effective it is. but i want to know from those who tried it. this sounds interesting. any more reviews?


sandra - September 15

i use progest. i have been using it for a few years now and it's great. but HRT bread sounds interesting, i hope to hear feedbacks from those who tried it.


trixie - September 16

been searching in the net about this HRT bread for days but haven't find any information. instead, i found another alternative, and it's called HRT cake. lol!


suzette - September 17

HRT CAKE? really? lol! care to share some info... sounds yummy! hahaha...


ralph - September 18

hrt bread and cake? wew! i'm starving! hahaha... more info please... this sounds good to my ears! hmmmmm....


trixie - September 21

-2 1/2 cups puffed rice
-2 mugs cornflakes
-1/2 mug chopped almonds
-1/2 mug pumpkin seeds
-1/2 mug pecan nuts
-1/2 mug sesame seeds
-1/2 mug pine kernals
-1/3 mug organic linseeds
-2/3 mug organic raisins
-1/2 mug organic apricots - chopped

mix together and store in sealed container.


irene - September 22

wow this is fast and easy to prepare huh? i should probably try this. thanks for the info!


phoebe - September 23

ey trixie, did you forgot to mention flour? should there be some flour on it? it doesn't need to be baked, right? confused here...


trixie - September 25

you don't need to bake it so you won't be needing any flour. just mix it all up.


jackie - September 25

i can see that this cake contains a number of important ingredients which are highly beneficial during the menopause. good job! this is a brilliant idea!


danessa - September 29

here are some other ingredients for HRT cakes:

4oz soya flour
4oz wholewheat flour
4oz oats
4 oz linseed seeds
2oz sesame or pumpkin seeds
2oz nuts
8oz preferred dried fruit (raisins, ready to eat dried apple, apricot, prune etc)
2 teaspoons preferred spices (mixed, cinnamon, ginger etc)
Tablespoon malt extract
1-3 tablespoons honey depending on sweetness required
25-28oz soya milk

add soya milk slowly to dry ingredients until stiff consistency. bake 160 C 60-75 mins.


ginger - October 16

i'm allergic to soya. is there any alternative for this?



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