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Increase in body mass index increases risk of postmenopausal
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JamesBer - October 12

Regina Ziegler, an epidemiologist at National Cancer Institute (NCI) had said that weight gain is a major risk factor for breast cancer. This statement is further supported by the American Association for Cancer Research who reportedly stated in their prospective study that any amount of increase in one’s body mass index (BMI) may higher the risk of having post menopausal breast cancer. Recent studies have revealed that obesity increases the chances of developing breast cancer after menopause. Researchers have conjecture the fact that in the postmenopausal stage estrogens that is produced in the adipose tissue or body fat may promote breast expansion to a great extent. But this study was more inclined in showing the relation between an increase in BMI and its timing with respect to post menopausal breast cancer.
The information was analyzed from 72,007 women who were aged between 54 to 74 years in the Prostrate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial disciple. This analysis included 3677 cases of postmenopausal breast cancer which makes this study a larger one of its kind. The analyst observed the powerful associations amongst those women who never used menopausal hormone therapy. In fact this study confined its results to this particular group of women.

It was reportedly concluded that the women who were diagnosed a BMI increase of 5kg/m2 or more between age 20 and 50 were at a higher risk (app.88%) of developing postmenopausal breast cancer as compared to those who maintained a stable BMI. Women belonging to the age group of 50 and study entry with a BMI increase of 5kg/m2 were at a 56 percent risk of developing postmenopausal breast cancer. Therefore BMI increase before and after the age of50 individually contributed to increased risk of post menopausal breast cancer.

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James Bernard



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