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Is this Early Menopause???
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Enigma79 - August 29

I am hoping and praying that someone out there can help me :-/
For over 3 years now I have suffered with hot flushes, palpitations, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue and general not feeling like myself. (I should probably mention that my mother started menopause at around age 31/32, as did her mother and I am almost 32).
I have talked to my GP about this and have been repeatedly told it is probably not menopause and that they "would not routinely test for this due to my age".

My concern is that if it is indeed early menopause and I am receiving no treatment for it, isn't there increased risk of things like osteoporosis?

I'm single mum to my 6 year old son and I feel so bad for not having the energy I should have to be able to parent him as well as I would like to.

I also have an under-active thyroid and although I am on 100mcg of Thyroxine at the moment I am having huge problems trying to lose weight; in fact I am steadily gaining weight despite increasing my exercise and trying my best to watch what I eat.

I would really appreciate any advice you ladies could offer me as I am about at the end of my tether.

Thank you all in advance,
Love & Light,

E x


Lillith Immaculate - September 9

Hi, I'm sorry you're suffering. Your symptoms sound like the menopause don't they, but dr's say no? But won't test even given a family history like yours. I'm guessing money would limit you from taking your own test or going privately. Can you see another dr? My previous dr was a bolt head who just brushed me off with "it's part of being a woman", I found a new dr when I moved who listened, and sent me away for tests. Yes I've met another person who says my condidtion PCOS maybe, thyroid maybe? glandular? endrometriosis? But as my blood levels don't register often enough, high enough, to concern him I was sent away and told to lose weight. (Yes am overweight so needed) But you feel like giving up asking the medical profession when they prescribe pain killers and little else. Back to you, your thyroid is a complication with the menstral cycle, (he told me that much about glandular issues), so you need to check out your diet maybe. But if they are treating you for thyroid why would they not send you off for more bloods and tests to see if there is a link and they can deal with it...
Good luck x



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