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Is this menopause?
19 Replies
karen - August 25

I am experiencing a situation where I feel wet in the seat of my pants. It is more like a hot flash between my legs. I noticed this happens every time i seat on for a long period of time. There is no odor but definitely wet. Is this a symptom of menopause? I am turning 50 this year and i never had my period since February of this year. Any help would be appreciated.


sheena - August 25

Yes, this is a sign of menopause. Did you experienced to have a heavy period like you're having a hemorrhage?


amanda - August 25

That is definitely a sign of menopause. Like what Sheena said, heavy period means like you peed on your pants. If yes, i suggest you speak with your OB-GYNE.


karen - August 27

Yes, i have experienced heavy bleeding 2 weeks ago. I went to my gyne a few days later but she couldn't really tell me anything. Is this typical?


may-anne - September 3

heavy bleeding could be something else. why don't you try to approach to another gynecologists. maybe they could give you an idea of your problem.


lyka - September 4

menopause is known to cause heavy bleeding. this is due to hormonal imbalance. the progesterone level drops which causes heavy bleeding cycles. don't worry, this will eventually stop completely.


danessa - September 7

heavy bleeding can cause plenty of problems. this is the most common reason for having a hysterectomy.


maxie - September 8

i have heard many times about this hysterectomy but i still haven't any idea what's this all about. can anyone explain this?


missy - September 10

it is an operation done to remove the womb. if it is done with tummy it is called an abdominal hysterectomy, if it is done vaginally it is called a vaginal hysterectomy.


felecity - September 11

hysterectomy is the usual treatment for women with uterine, ovarian, or cervical cancer that are causing bleeding and other complications. a woman who has had a hysterectomy will no longer have a menstrual period each month and will no longer be able to have children.


julie - September 15

are there any risks associated with hysterectomy? does age play a role in hysterectomy?


felecity - September 17

any surgical procedure including hysterectomy which involves a female's reproductive system exposes that patient to risks of damage to the bladder and urinary system. age does not play a role


irene - September 18

i am planning on having a hysterectomy. my cervex along with the womb will be removed due to some complications. a friend told me that having this kind of hysterectomy will affect sexual orgasm and eventually won't be able to enjoy sex anymore. is this true?


stacy - September 21

women who undergo a hysterectomy will eventually suffer diminished sexual feelings or desires. but it depends on the type of hysterectomy that is performed.


vida - September 22

yes it has a big impact on your sexual response. but your doctor should help you understand these changes and ofcourse may offer some treatment options. all you need to do is to open up the topic.


juliet - September 23

nerves and blood vessels critical to sexual function can be damaged during the hysterectomy procedure. this might the reason for decreasing sexual arousal.


trixie - September 30

sexual changes will differ to which procedure was performed. it's important to see your doctor to discuss these changes.



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