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36 Replies
Felicity - August 25

I'm in my pre-menopausal stage. I am suffering from itchiness around my private area as well as on my arms and legs. Does anyone of you here experienced this?


sandra - August 26

Try 1 percent hydrocortisone cream. This cream is mild, but very good for relieving itching especially on private areas. You can buy this over the counter.


lyka - August 26

This is a least common postmenopausal symptoms. This is what they call postmenopausal vaginitis. This occurs due to a deficiency of estrogen after menopause.


xyza - August 26

Hi! Don't worry, this is likely normal. This usually comes with a thick vaginal discharge. Not unless it has a "fishy smell", then that would be another story.


marsha - August 27

Since this is a rare case,it would be best to get checked out by your GP. they know better than we do.


sheena - August 27

Menopause has been known to cause vaginal dryness which become itchy in return. But do not assume that all itchiness is always due to menopause. You need to be sure that the itchiness is not due to any infection, in which you will need medical attention.


may-anne - August 28

The common cause of vaginal itching is menopause. This is normal, just avoid feminine hygiene sprays and douches.


carol - August 31

Before trying any self-treatments or over-the-counter medications for vaginal itching, you should see or speak to your doctor to sort out the problem. A self diagnosis might be incorrect and might just worsen the condition.


gello - August 31

Hi everyone! newbie here...
I have recently been suffering from the same thing.
I don’t have any discharge and it doesn’t smell either. I know one reason that this could be a symptom for menopause. But i'm only 25.
What could possibly another reason for this?
Does anyone have a clue?


amanda - August 31

I agree with you carol.I had experienced the same problem.Itch with no real signs.It only itches on the outer lips and there is no discharge or odor at all. I've tried remedies and over the counter creams but it only worsen the itchiness.I consulted my doctor and I was given prescription,and now i am itch free.


carol - August 31

Gello, one thing that works for a woman may not work for you. Since you're only 25, i don't believe this as menopause. I think you should go and have it checked by your OB-GYNE.


gellO - September 1

carol--i'm kinda embarassed to go to the doctor...
so i'd like to atleast have an idea of what it may be before hand.
i would appreciate any information you could give me on what this could possibly be...thanks in advance!!!


carol - September 1

there's a lot of bacteria in the vaginal area and
infections can develop on their own.are you sexually active?are you on birth control?


karen - September 1

-here are some causes of vaginal itching:
Vaginal candidiasis
Chemical allergy
Vulval itch
Vaginal infections
Bacterial vaginosis
Human papilloma virus (HPV)
Yeast infections


irene - September 1

gello...I guess you're going through
premature menopause. this can be due to genetic reasons. get your hormone levels checked.


trixie - September 1

I'd rather doubt that it could be menopause. it could be premature ovarian failure.sometimes itchiness can happen for no known reason. best thing to do is to consult a doctor.


gellO - September 2

as i i have said, i'm only 25.
i'm not having any premenopause symptoms or whatsoever.
i am sexually active and i'm using birth control pills.



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