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gellO - September 2

as i i have said, i'm only 25.
i'm not having any premenopause symptoms or whatsoever.
i am sexually active and i'm using birth control pills.


carol - September 2

if that's the case gello., then it has something to do with your sexual activity or lifestyle (sorry for this). anyway, are you having multiple partners?


gellO - September 2

it's okay. i knew you have that question in your mind. by the way, i only have one sex partner which is my boyfriend for 3 years.
aside from birth control pills, we are also using condom.
this is because i'm not sure if he's making out with another girl.
pls help, i desperately need answers...


lyka - September 3

sexual intercourse (with or without condom) can sometimes cause itchiness. chemical in certain products can cause allergic reaction resulting to itching. almost all women experience this at some point in their lives. in your case, since this is the only problem , i don't think you have to worry this much. it's normal! however, you still need to have it check for treatments. simple itchiness may lead to serious problem if left untreated.


gellO - September 7

(Lyka) thanks for your advice! i guess your right,
i really need to have this check with my ob-gyne since i'm having irritations now due to successive itching. .


lyka - September 8

good decision gello. don't forget to update us with your condition. take care!


mimi - September 15

is itchiness on arms and legs related to menopause? i'm suffering from this kind of symptoms. need help here.


izzy - September 16

this could possibly be related to menopause. you can have it check with your derma, they have special creams for this according to severity.


gello - September 17

if this is due to dryness of the skin, you can apply coconut milk or cream of milk onto the affected area. this serves as a natural moisturizer and relief itchiness.


danessa - September 18

get over the counter palmers cocoa butter for very dry skin. E45 is also a highly effective cream, and so is sudocream.


marsha - September 21

vaseline are the best so far! use thickly at night and thickly during the day. keep it on for about an hour or so to soak in.


phoebe - September 22

what about itchiness all over the body most particularly at the back? is it still related to meno?


lyka - September 23

yes, back itch is related to menopause and so with scalp itch. but although they are both connected, do not assume that all itchiness is due to menopause because there are many factor that can contribute to itchiness.


princess - September 25

i agree! there are likely to be other possible causes, do ask your doctor about your symptoms.


julie - September 25

i used to have skin itchiness at the back of my neck and it was diagnosed as psoriasis. i sometimes have itchiness at my back but it's due to some allergies. i'm very prone to allergies. is there any ways to get rid of this? i know its impossible...


ginger - September 29

try this--sandal cream! it is a very effective way of treating skin infections, fungal infections, boils, pimples, athlete's foot and mild rashes. i used this to treat my skin and it's very effective!



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