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itchy scalp, hands and feet
12 Replies
christine - December 16

wonder if anyone has had itchy skins here?... i have intensely itchy scalp most especially on hairlines but i don't have dandruff. i don't know what's causing it. it's very itchy that i have to scratch them till they bleed. i also have itchy hands and feet. please let me know if you're having this...


gina - December 16

i have had itchy skin, all because of meno. this is one of the long list symptoms of meno. it's often caused by the lack of oestrogen,


trixie - December 16

i get itchy as well on almost all parts of my body and i'm in meno. so i say it's a meno symptom.


samantha - December 16

hahaha... believe it or not, i'm in an itchy one right now. don't know what's the real cause. all i know is that, I HATE MENOPAUSE!...


denise - December 17

i have itchy scalp and mostly around hairline too. i tried selsun blue and nizoral for my scalp but it only got worse. i am wondering if this is an eczema.


erah - December 17

consider me on your list! went to see a doctor, prescribed me with a certain cream which is not helping at all. it's so greasy that after mins of putting it on would turn to severe itching. i am considering myself to see another doctor by next week. hope we all get better soon.


nimfa - December 17

hurrah, welcome me to the club! i'm suffering from itchy scalp too. tried different meds and cream, nothing helped. i just wonder, how did your itchy started?


aida - December 17

at first i was allergy to this shampoo. treated it with cream and allergy went away. after two days i felt itchy again, assuming that the allergy has
returned so i treated it with cream once again but the itchy only got even worse. that's all how it started and i'm still very itchy now.


ella - December 17

hi ladies! itchy scalp is one of meno symptoms. been there before for almost 8 months. a friend suggest me with anti-histamine and to my amazed. it helped. i think you should try it too.


zenT - December 17

get to try L'Oreal age densiforce shampoo. this is the only thing that helped me with my itchy scalp.


rea - December 18

i also have flacky, dry and itchy skin. does any one here having this? if you happened to found solutions please let me know...


lynda - December 23

Hi, Christine. Just like you I suffer with an itchy scalp, more along the hairline,and around the ears [its not nits!] hands and feet and sometimes, groin and armpits. It tends to get itchy and I get an area of red skin, usually with some raised area, almost wheals at times. Had this for over 2 years and seen a dermatologist and had blood tests to no avail. I use antihistamines to control the itch as i scratch until the skin bleeds. Doc put it down as urticaria and said it may go on its own in a few years. Great. no one mentioned it may be linked with menopause though. It got so bad I did have a hair sample tested and it came back with some intollerances - i know if i eat chocolate, boiled milk, wheat and other bits, the itch is worse. if i am good i only take one anti hist daily, if i am bad its 3 a day!
I have been perimenopausal for a couple of years too, now having horrendous heavy continual bleeds and waiting for a referral to a gynaecologist.
It is interesting and so nice [in a positve way] to hear that the itch is not me but could well be the menopause that causes it and one day - could stop!


dryitchysclap - March 24

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