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lost interest in sex
34 Replies
ralph - August 25

My wife had lost her interest in sex. I have noticed this since her menopause. My question is, is this normal?


lyka - August 26

During the hormonal changes in menopause, sex begins to hurt. This could probably the reason why she lost her interest in sex. This is absolutely normal.


irene - August 27

Menopause doesn't usually cause loss of libido, and many women feel more orgasms in the postmenopausal part of their life. I think this is just psychological or myth.


aubrey - August 27

Lower levels of estrogen can cause a decrease in blood supply to the vagina. This causes the vagina to be dry and loss interest in sex.


felicity - August 27

Low sexual desire is not a disease, it is the result of an imbalance in your life. This is the most common sexual problem for man especially woman, and the main reason they seek is sex theraphy.


justin - August 27

I think sexual desire is one of the most difficult to define because it is more psychological than physiological. There are things woman can do to bring back the desire and passion back in their lives.


trixie - September 1

if you don't know what feels good to you, how can you give your partner any direction? man should also make an effort to bring back the passion. this should be a give and take. don't you think so?


lyka - September 2

You don’t always have to be in the mood for sex to engage in sex. let the act itself takes you to the mood. bottom line is, do not allow menopause interfere with your sexual enjoyment.


justin - September 3

i agree with lyka! fluctuations in sexual desire are to be expected during menopause. but take note that the brain plays more of a role in sexual desire than hormones. and a complete loss of desire may result to a very unhappy relationship with your husband/wife.


izzy - September 3

hi, i am having the same issue.i would like to share to you some suggestion.1st, you need to give more time. time has to be made for lovemaking and it has to be made a priority.2nd, make sure you are getting all your needs met.lastly, FOREPLAY! more and more FOREPLAY!


wea - September 8

good suggestions izzy. i'm having problem with my husband nowadays. he seemed to change, i guess it's because i don't have enough time when it comes to our sexual life.


justine - September 9

that maybe a good reason to consider wea. but have you thought that maybe he's having menopause too? hahaha...


wea - September 10

hahaha... that makes the two of us! hmmm.... actually, it crossed my mind. i just wonder if he ever thought about this too.


lyka - September 11

izzy why don't you talk to your husband and let him know how you feel? you need to let the communication going to keep your relationship healthy. as much as you do, he may also have some questions that needs an answer. don't let him answer his own questions. open up with him. pls do not ignore this advice, little problem can sometimes become big trouble. think about this!


jackie - September 15

it is difficult to get your partner to understand the depths of the changes in your body and emotions. i strongly believe that communication and understanding are the main keys for this.


wea - September 17

you got it right ladies! thanks for the advice. but i think i'd rather not bother him for now until we both cool down.


vida - September 18

i read an article that HRT can interfere with what libido we have left. i just wonder if this is true since i am taking it for 5 months now. been thinking if this has something to do with my lost in sexual desire since i can't barely remember when this all started.



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