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lost interest in sex
34 Replies
vida - September 18

i read an article that HRT can interfere with what libido we have left. i just wonder if this is true since i am taking it for 5 months now. been thinking if this has something to do with my lost in sexual desire since i can't barely remember when this all started.


emily - September 21

HRT is only required for short term relief from menopausal symptoms. maybe this has a big impact on the libido thing. but 5 months is not that long enough so again maybe, some other things may be causing your lost in sexual desire. sort it out first.


liezl - September 22

i agree with the HRT thing, it's only a short term relief for menopause symptoms. and one thing more, it should be reviewed at least once a year with your doctor.


ladyinred - September 23

gallbladder disease is also common during menopause. HRT is known to increase the risk. hence until now, there has been no study of whether this risk varies depending on the way in which HRT is administered.


noreen - September 30

i think the gallbladder disease can be reduced if the medication is taken via transdermal form rather than pill format. i have read this on the other forum site not quite sure where.


phoebe - October 2

is gallbladder a cancer? how common is this?


lyka - October 6

i think you mean cancer in gallbladder. because gallbladder is not a cancer, it's a muscular sac attached to the liver that stores bile.


phoebe - October 8

hahaha... yah, you're right! sorry wrong question... anyway, how common is this? does it happen all the time?


irene - October 16

gallstones are one of the most common ailments that may develop in the gallbladder. most people who suffers from gallstones may not experienced any symptoms at all.


jenna - October 22

it seems that as women get older they have sex less often. but it's not clear whether this is directly linked to the menopause. some say that orgasms are painful. how true is it?


maxie - October 22

right irene!that's why if you need to know if you have gallstones, your doctor will send you to do an ultrasound.


vida - October 30

jenna, this is common symptoms for menopause.this can happen to anyone.


carol - November 17

developing gallstones is a very common problem for people in their fifties, especially menopausal women. have it checked, it’s time to have your gallbladder removed.


carol - November 24

hi jenna! i just wonder why you're asking such question. aren't you experiencing it? i mean how old are you now? are you menopause yet?


jenna - December 3

i'm 45 years old and luckily i have no problem with my sexual life so far. i'm on HRT and i believe that it has something to do with it.


ladyinred - December 11

i'm on HRT and all i can say is that it makes no difference when it comes to sexual life. my sexual habit is still a big zero! :(



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