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male depression! do you agree or disagree?
14 Replies
sean - September 9

the most common problem with male menopause is depression.but men deny that they this this kind of problem because they are supposed to be "strong". agree or disagree?


lyka - September 10

i agree! most men will not see it in themselves since their most basic psychological defense is denial.


princess - September 10

constant communication is very important. psychotherapy is an excellent way to fight menopausal/andropausal depression.


mimi - September 10

st.john's wort is a treatment for mild to moderate depression. this product has minimal side effects than anti-depressant medicines.


sandra - September 11

start with the laughing cure.laughing provides us with the natural inner massage, and through change of mood it can account for up to 30% of cure.


izzy - September 11

take folic acid. this is a B vitamin that is often deficient in people who are depressed.


juliet - September 11

i agree mimi, but although this is proven to be safe, one must still talk to his/her doctor before taking any herbal remedies to treat depression or other conditions.


vida - September 15

male depression is a serious medical condition. although men are said to be that they are less affected by depression, this assumption may not be entirely true.


wea - September 17

certainly! because no matter it's a male or female depression, it's still depression we're talking about and it affects us all physically and emotionally.


liezl - September 17

depression can affect anyone, at anytime. it doesn't just affect the person himself/herself, but the love ones of the depressed people will be affected as well.


carol - September 18

you're right about that liezl. has anyone here heard someone committed suicide because of depression? this are common cases for male.


justine - September 24

hahahaha... suicide huh? i don't think so! i don't think male depression could lead to something serious like this.


may-anne - September 25

the majority for commiting suicide are those for men and that is a fact. men with depression are more likely to die by suicide than are women with depression


lindsay - September 30

i strongly agree! depression puts men at risk for suicide.


irene - October 16

depression and suicide in men is not uncommon. i'm talking about men in general, of all ages...



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