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menopausal baby?
29 Replies
imee - September 2

in addition to marsha's reply, i don't think that a 10 year old kid would want to have a 58 year old mother. too old isn't it? i believe that having children while young has a lot of benefits for the child.


princess - September 3

my mother had me when she was 45. i am 23 now and she is 68. i don't see any problem with it. Age is not the sole factor in someone's ability to be a good mother. even if i could turn back time, i would still have to chose her as my mother no matter how old she is.


mimi - September 4

that's very nice to hear princess... your mother must be very proud of you... i hope your post inspire all the ladies here in this forum. keep up the good work.


izzy - September 7

well said princess! i wonder how your mother brought you up. you seemed so very loving person. thanks for the inspiration. i'm truly inspired!


louis - September 8

hi, i'm louis. i just got married 3 months ago. we're both in our 40's and planning to have our first baby. reading some of replies here makes me feel a bit nervous for my wife's health condition since she is fast approaching menopause. i would appreciate any advice i could get. thanks!


felicity - September 10

hi louis! don't get too nervous. first thing you need to do is have your wife check regarding her condition. the doctor will advice if she is capable of getting pregnant or not. good luck!


olivia - September 15

louis, is your wife having any health problems? if not, then i don't see any reason for her not to get pregnant. just do your thing and good luck!


louis - September 16

thanks for your replies, i probably just go with my instincts. meanwhile, i'll have my wife check up her health conditions.


lyka - September 17

good decision louis. hope everything will work out just fine. good luck!


louis - October 2

hi everyone, i have had my wife checked her medical health and thankfully she's in good condition and still very able to get pregnant. thank you for those who replied, it's such a big help. more power!


lyka - October 2

anytime! so glad to hear the good news! good luck to both of you!


louis - October 9

hi ladies, it's me again! i just want to share some good news. my wife is delayed for 2 weeks. does his mean she's pregnant?


tinkywinky - October 16



justine - October 16

any updates louis? it's been three weeks now. hehehe



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