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menopause and pre-menopause
22 Replies
trixie - August 25

What is the difference between menopause and pre-menopause? Do they have the same symptoms?


lyka - August 27

There is not much difference between menopause and pre-menopause. The symptoms are almost the same. One thing i'm sure about is that, in pre-menopause you will still have periods but not regularly while in menopause you will totally lost your period.


ginger - August 27

Obviously, perimenopause comes before the actual menopause. Perimenopause refers a 10-15 years period of time before the actual menopause begins. Bottom line is, in perimenopause, this is the stage wherein our body begins to prepare for menopause.


wea - August 27

Whether it's called a premenopause, menopause or postmenopause, the symptoms are all the same. It's a life stage that all woman experience. Goodluck!


imee - August 31

Pre or perimenopause is the process of change that leads up to menopause while Menopause is the point in a woman's life when she has not had a menstrual period for 1 year. Women begin experiencing symptoms of pre or perimenopause several years before menopause occurs.


trixie - September 3

okay i get it. so meaning to say, symptoms are all the same. and because it's been a year since my last period, i am now in menopause. great! thanks for the info.


sandra - September 9

absolutely! because in premenopause, you will still have periods (irregularly). once you have not had a period for 12 months, you are considered menopause.


olivia - September 10

hi everyone! my name is olivia. 58 years old. i am menopause for over two years now. lately i'm experiencing heavy discharge. it's a clear discharge, no odor at all. what could this be? i need some advice.


izzy - September 15

haven't experienced this yet. maybe, physical causes are responsible for vaginal discharge after menopause.


marsha - September 16

usually heavy discharge is caused by cervical mucus production. this is normal in some women.


janine - September 17

i too, get that watery clear and heavy discharge once in a while. quite not sure what this is, but i think it's normal and part of menopause. no worries!


andrea - September 18

i have had increased discharge for almost a year now. almost similar to your situation. try boric acid, it will neutralize everything.


noreen - September 21

hi olivia! with regards to your problem, don't you think you're having vaginitis? abnormal vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor is one of the symptoms of vaginitis.


olivia - September 23

i really don't know noreen. any more info about this vaginitis please.


noreen - September 25

vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina or infection of any type. some infections are associated with more serious diseases. symptoms are: discharge, irritation, itching and odor.


zenT - September 25

there are several ways to treat vaginitis, depending upon the cause of the infection. different types of vaginitis have different causes, so the treatment needs to be specific to the type of vaginitis present.


jackie - September 28

i agee with zen! the first step in getting correct treatment is to get a correct diagnosis. pay close attention to exactly which symptoms you have and when they occur. color, consistency, amount, and smell of any abnormal discharge should be watched out for.



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