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menopause in men
18 Replies
justine - August 28

Do men experience menopause? what are the symptoms of menopause in men?


lyka - August 28

Yes! Like women, men gets menopause too. They would also experience a drop in their hormone levels.


juliet - August 28

Definitely yes! Symptoms are: Loss of muscle mass, higher amount of body fat, less energy, less interest in sex. Talk to your our doctor if you have these symptoms for further explanations.


danessa - August 28

I think the symptoms in men are not noticeable because they don't have periods. And one of the reasons it is hard to detect is because their testosterone levels drop gradually.


may-anne - August 28

Doctors believe that it takes a longer time for men to drop hormone levels than woman. It is almost hard for them to tell when will it begin for most men.


justine - September 3

can someone posts more infos about male menopausal. i'm 48 years old and i think i'm experiencing symptoms like mood swings. is this possible? i am so confused...


andrea - September 7

symptoms of andropause:

-decrease sex drive
-fat gain

common symptoms of menopause and andropause:

-mood swings
-decrease sex drive
-memory problems
-muscle and joint aches
-hot flashes


justine - September 8

thanks for the info andrea, it's such a big help. now i know i'm approaching andropause. what i need to know now is how to treat this. i think it's getting worst everyday. any suggestions?


andrea - September 15

before i answer this justine, i want to know what particular symptoms are you going through now? how worse is it?


justine - September 16

one of the symptoms that i noticed is my weight. i have this excess fats in my abdomen and love handles. been doing workouts, exercise, and all sorts of diets but nothing worked. i'm also experiencing mood swings every now and then.


olivia - September 17

would you consider lifestyle change in favor of physical activity and healthy eating? this will help.


tinkywinky - September 18

have you heard of "DHEA"? DHEA or Dehydroepianodrosterone acts as a replenisher pumping life into various processes such as lowering cholesterol levels, regulating healthy blood pressure and reducing fat.


justine - September 21

i think i've read this DHEA thing somewhere in this site. sounds interesting. is this supplements? more info pls...


olivia - September 22

from what i've heard, DHEA is a steroid hormone that is made by the adrenal glands. studies done on DHEA shows it has many benefits.


izzy - September 23

here are some of the benefits that i found in DHEA:

improved sense of well being
alertness and stamina
enhanced sexual interest and libido
DHEA supplements are available over the counter.


justine - October 2

is DHEA taken orally or is this injectables? i got freak on needles...


emily - October 2

it comes in injections and oral. i don't know which is better but i heard that oral blows and very little is actually absorbed.



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