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18 Replies
noreen - September 17

are you familiar with hormonal migrains? think i'm having one.


wea - September 17

hormonal factor may trigger migrain. i'm having it during my period and i wonder if this is another meno symptoms. what do you think?


jackie - September 18

yes indeed, it is a perimenopause symptoms! caused by a rapid widening and narrowing of blood vessel walls in the brain and head.


marsha - September 18

causes of migrain attacks:
-changes in weather
-oral contraceptives
-menstrual periods
-emotional stress
-alcoholic beverages

why some individuals have migraines and others do not.


chandra - September 21

i'm having it too and according to my GP it's just another meno symptoms. migraines may improve after completion of menopause when the female ratio drops to 2:1


diane - September 23

how does one treat migraines? are there any home remedies for this since it's not a serious problem at all


lindsay - September 25

i believe that migraine is caused by narrowing and expanding of the blood vessels in the brain. while for some people, eating certain foods brings on a migraine.


suzette - September 25

i have visited several doctors throughout my life due to my migrain. but all of them would just prescribe expensive medications. and of course, they all give temporary reliefs!


vida - September 28

should you consider exercise? mild exercise during a migraine helps alleviate the pain.


lyka - September 29

everyone suffers headaches at some point in their lives but not everyone suffers migraine attacks. there are certain medications should only be used where a clear diagnosis has been made. meaning to say, diagnosis is very important before any treatments should be done.


diane - October 16

how would you describe migraine? is heavy headache considered as migraine?


zenT - October 31

migraine attacks usually last from 4 - 72 hour. patients eventually experience on-going and chronic headaches.


katie - November 13

there's a big chance that heavy headache could lead to migraine.if you are unsure,you could always have it checked.


maTilda - November 24

should a person with migraine headaches must always see a doctor? or will it eventually go away on their own? i'm confused, i don't know if i'm having a migraine or just a plain headache.


suzette - December 1

migraine isn't just a bad headache, it has specific symptoms.but symptoms differs on the type of migraine.the most common is called the "common migraine".headache begins without begins on one side of the head and spreads downward to the eyes and face.


xyza - December 11

i have migraines since i was a kid. so i really don't care if this is one of menopause symptoms or whatever.


wea - December 11

i have had migraines some years ago and it all went worse when i reached menopause. it does make difference.



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