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mood swings
22 Replies
lindsay - August 28

Is it true that menopausal woman are moody? Does it make you forgetful?


xyza - August 28

Mood swings and depressions are symptoms of menopause. This needs to be taken seriously. Approach a doctor for psychological treatments.Forgetful in the other hand, is just a common belief. There is no specific evidence for this.


irene - August 28

A lot of woman are afraid of losing their minds. They complain that their memory isn't what it used to be. Truth is, forgetfulness is due to stress. It feels like a memory problem but the cause is different.


lyka - August 29

No one is entirely sure what the exact cause of mood swings. This is one of the most misunderstood menopause symptoms. The best thing that you can probably do when you feel intense emotion is to recognize that you may be having a mood swing.


sandra - August 31

Forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging, while some are related to health issues. Short term memory loss is very common or probably has very little to do with menopause itself.


carol - August 31

Menopause affects each woman in a different way. Stress is another trigger that will make you moody during menopause. Anger and irritability are often associated with menopause and mood swings.


wea - August 31

During female menopause, your estrogen levels decreases. Estrogen does play an active role in memory. This is when menopause memory loss called for estrogen replacement therapy.


lindsay - September 2

thanks for your replies---- so generally speaking, mood swings are part of menopause. am i right? now, how can we deal with this "mood swing" thingy? any ideas?


karen - September 3

practice stress-relieving therapies such as massage, or deep breathing exercises. this can help you keep calm. Some women may also choose to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). this can also relieve mood swings.


juliet - September 7

actually, mood swing are one of the most misunderstood menopause symptoms and this could be very stressful. try alternative therapies. this can help you fight off mood swing. speak with others, this could help too.


irene - September 8

take alternative medicine like phytoestrogenic herbs, and those containing non-estrogenic herbs. using non-estrogenic herbs is one of the safest and best ways to treat mood swings naturally. give it a try!


diane - September 10

forget the pills, herbs or HRT - eat a banana. the vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood.


wea - September 10

i have read about this one from another forum. amazingly, this banana have many benefits. this can cure variety of illness. and yes! it claims that this banana can effectively relieve mood swings.


marsha - September 11

true wea, i agree! other than that, it can also treat dry skin and has an anti aging effect. i am actually using it as a face mask. i think you should try it too.


justine - September 15

wow, this banana is truly amazing huh? no wonder monkeys have smooth face. hahaha!


mimi - September 17

what other menopause symptoms does this bananas treat? any other previews?


xyza - September 18

bananas can cure moods swings, stress, depression, anemia, and many more to mention. compared to any other fruits, this has proven to have many benefits in our body.



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