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Mouth Twitching
5 Replies
The Princess - March 23

I recently went to my GP with my symptoms that only can be described as 'my tongue no longer fits on my mouth' and constant mouth & tongue movement's or twitching, to the point of my children asking me 'was I on drugs'. Having had previous thyroid problems and the swollen tongue being a symptom, my GP ordered several blood test etc. The results came back as my thyroid was fine, but hormone levels showing I was menopausal. After consultation I was prescribed with low dosage HRT. This is currently helping with the night sweats, but the mood swings are horrendous and im causing havoc in my home. However my GP has no idea what is causing the constant mouth & tongue twitching. It lasts for days on end, to the point where im constantly swallowing, trying to clear my throat, can hardly speak because my mouth is so dry. There are times where I am constantly awake all night, due to the twitching and expanding and blowing of my mouth. My jaw is constantly aching due to the continuous movement. I have never suffered with this before until the change in my hormone levels. Can somebody please help me, as I feel like im wasting the time of my GP, but this is really affecting my day to day life and job. Im also constantly aware of people looking at me, & am horrified they may also think im a drug addict, as my own children did


crystalbaby - June 5

Oh my God! So sorry to hear that but i don't think it has something to do with menopausal. I'm 55 years old, menopause but i never had that kind of symptoms and so with my friends. Maybe you should see an ear, nose, throat specialists. Hope this helps.


Myra - June 22

menopausal symptoms can range from mild to intense. mouth & tongue twitching is one of the strange and disturbing symptom of menopause but totally norma!!!


erlindaxx - July 11

so mouth twitching is really a menopause symptom? i just heard of this, well i do hope it's a rare symptom..


tina - September 4

i am so sorry to hear that. it must have been hard for you but i do hope you'll get through it soon. i think it has something to do with thyroid. visit a specialists sooner rather than later. good luck!


polly - September 7

sounds like you're having neurological disorder. well i hope not. menopause can produce dozens of physical and emotional symptoms so it's really hard to know which is which.



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