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18 Replies
andrea - August 25

I am having a dark and smelly period. It's been like 3 weeks now and it won't just go away. I just want to know if this is normal since i'm already 47 years old now.


lyka - August 28

I'm not sure about this one. I think you should talk to your doctor to make sure nothing more serious is going on with problem.


sheena - August 28

Yes i agree with Lyka. Maybe you should arrange to see your doctor and tell him/her your situation. A simple test maybe needed to track down the cause of this problem.


sandra - August 28

Dark color of the blood means older blood. But the smelly thing might mean something else. Have it checked.


mimi - August 28

If you're saying it's an old blood, it will definitely smell. Avoid using tampons it will worsen the odor.


chandra - September 3

unfortunately, you need to speak with a gynecologists to find this out. probably you're going through menopause.


sheena - September 8

hi andrea, how are you doing? is everything alright now? haven't heard from you anymore...


andrea - September 10

oh...sorry for the late reply...yes i am doing fine now!there is no clear explanation as to what happened because the moment i went to my gyne all the sudden my dark smelly period stopped.thanks anyways, for all who replied my question.


sheena - September 11

so glad to hear that andrea. maybe it was just a part of menopause. take care!


jackie - September 15

hi! i am new in this forum. quite not sure where to post my question. anyweyz, i had my period started early this month and the blood was dark and old but no odor. is this normal? by the way, i am in the middle of menopause.


emily - September 17

dark menstruations are usually a part of the endometrium shedding. nothing to be concerned about.


amanda - September 17

yup nothing to be worry unless you experience some pain. everyone experience dark periods for some time in their life.


stacy - September 18

having dark periods are unavoidable and sometimes depressing. i have it sometimes, you're not alone. hahaha!


liezl - September 25

mine is like a nightmare! i had dark periods that lasted a year! i can't really explain it and i had never ever opened this up to my doctor ever since.


stacy - September 25

gosh, that's cruel! so what did you do about it?


liezl - September 30

all i did is home and herbal remedies. no medication at all! but i won't suggest it to you... self treatment can be dangerous without knowing the cause of your problem.


wea - October 2

right! prevention is better than cure. anything happens which doesn't happen normally should be confronted with doctors.



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