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20 Replies
wea - August 25

Hi! I have not had my period for about 6 months now. I tried pregnancy test each and every month but it seems negative. I know i'm not pregnant. does it mean that i'm already menopause? I'm only 35 and this bothers me a lot. I hope to get answers from this forum as soon as possible. Thanks!


lyka - August 26

The average of menopause is from 48-52 years of age, i guess. Since your only 35, there must be another problem for this. Anyway, are you using contraceptives?


irene - August 27

There is a big chance that you are pregnant since your not menopause yet. Visit your gynecologists for further information.


wea - August 27

Thank you for your replies! Lyka- i'm not using contraceptive. I know i could be pregnant anytime now. What makes me confused is that i don't have any symptoms of pregnancy. Could this be perimenopause or something?


lyka - August 27

wea-Okay, are you going through the perimenoposal symptoms? If not, then there's a possibilty that you are pregnant. Pregnancy is very high in the perimenopausal age, you should be using contraceptives if you don't want to get pregnant.


wea - August 28

lyka- Will my life be at risk if i'm going to be pregnant? Is it too late for me to use contraceptives? I don't think i have the symptoms of perimenopause like hot flashes or something. This is so confusing. More advice please...


trixie - August 28

No, i don't think your life will be at risk not unless you're taking medications which will complicate your pregnancy. It is best for you to visit your doctor now.


juliet - September 3

wea, as you stated in your post that it's been 6 months that you have not have your period. not all pregnancy test are accurate. don't you really think you're pregnant? i mean... aren't you experiencing symptoms of being pregnant like morning sickness, food craving or anything???


wea - September 8

no, i don't have any symptoms of pregnancy. i think i need to talk to my gyno regarding on this to make sure that i'm not pregnant. wish me luck!


olivia - September 15

hi wea! exact same thing happened to me last year. mine was 8 months, no period. at first i thought it was menopause but after 8 months it started up again. i think this is normal cos i've read posts on another forum where ladies have gone 6 to 8 months or even more than a year w/o a period then started up again.


wea - September 16

glad to hear that olivia! it does ease my fears a little. my gyne has lined me up for bloodwork 2 days from now to see where i stand in menopause. wish me luck!


emily - September 17

wew, thought i would be the only person experiencing this. i haven't had my period for 1 year and two months. but guess what? it started back again 2 days ago! funny thing is... i have to run to the grocery to buy tampax! damn! don't know if i should bother my gyne for this, i guess i'll just wait what will happen next. too lazy for this happening over and over again.


julie - September 18

happy to belong here, ahahaha.... my period started again last month after not having it for 10 months! here i am now counting the months all over again. aarrrrggggggghhhhhh......


aubrey - September 21

i feel for you ladies as this exact same thing happened to me last year. it had been almost two years. i am interested to know how things have gone for you ladies who experienced this.


sheila - September 22

someone told me to see the gyne if bleeding happened after a year. does anybody know if this is true?


aubrey - September 23

hmmm... i have no idea! i never had the chance to see my gp when my period started again because i haven't experienced any pain. mine was almost 2 years, do you think i should see my gp?


sandra - September 25

to expect anything different would be kind of cruel. but it's better than to do nothing at all!



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