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need some answers
20 Replies
justine - August 28

Is male menopause real? What are the typical age for a man to get menopause? need some answers.


juliet - August 28

Yes it's real! It is called andropause. It doesn't effect all males at specific age. Their symptoms are entirely different.


ralph - August 28

Male menopause has been a big issue. Whether it's true or not, it has been a matter of much debate. Do you really believe in this stuff justine?


danessa - August 28

Men go through aging male syndrome between the ages of 35 and 65 when their hormone levels decline. If you're having these symptoms of low testosterone, talk to your doctor.


lyka - August 28

You can also get your testosterone level tested with a simple blood test. Get the test in the morning, when the testes release more testosterone.


aubrey - August 31

Male menopause like woman, can also be treated with androgen replacement therapy. Lifestyle changes, such as diet or exercise, or other medications, such as an antidepressant are highly recommended by doctors to help with the symptoms.


justine - September 3

i heard from a friend that it's impossible to detect menopause in male. what are the specific symptoms for this?

ralp-- yes, i do believe in male menopause. don't you?


karen - September 8

common andropause symptoms:
• Fatigue and low energy
• Forgetfulness
• Declining sex drive
• Confusion
• depression


izzy - September 9

some studies say that male menopause is just a myth and the symptoms are just invented by the people. anyone heard about this?


trixie - September 10

i don't think so. just like females, males may experience their own version - andropause - with decreasing levels of testosterone.


stacy - September 15

many men may not notice any effects until several decades have gone by because the changes and as well as the symptoms are gradual. but definitely yes! male menopause are for real.


justine - September 16

yes, menopause are for real i should agree! i used to, not believe about this crap until i've noticed some changes and experience symptoms like mood swings...


ralph - September 17

same here justine, hate to admit it though... hahaha... well, what else should we do? this is supposed to happen to all of us! do we have a choice?


justine - September 18

hahaha... obviously! same reason why were here in this forum site... we all gather together cos of same problems were struggling.


trixie - September 21

i don't really think this is considered to be a big problem. this is a part of our lives, something we called second chapter.


justine - September 22

well anyway, i have noticed some hair loss nowadays just thought i'd let you know guys. oh! and dandruff too! yeah, yeah, andropause symptoms! what else could be?...


ralph - September 23

hahaha... hair problems are countless! one problem solved, another one comes. ANDROPAUSE, ANDROPAUSE, you are such a pain!



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