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new to the forum
16 Replies
hotandsweaty - August 24

Hi i am new to this forum and i would just like to say hi to everyone, think i meet some advise on all symptoms of the Menopause


sahira - September 3

hi! i am new also. i'm experincing menopause symptom. sorry i'm bad in english. i need help! i don't know how where to post. i'm always bad mood and depressing sometimes. my husband and i are always fighting with each other. i'm no more period for 8 months and i feel ugly about me. please help!


missy - September 4

hi sahira, welcome to the forum. you have come to the right place. feel free to open up your problems, ideas and suggestions. i'm sure you will find this place useful for you.


stacy - September 4

sahira... first thing that you should do is to address the issue with your doctor. then talk to your husband about your condition. maybe the fighting issue is due to your mood swings and deppresion. you need to be treated. take care!


julie - September 7

hi sahira... your name sounds kinda unique... anyway, how old are you and how long have you been experiencing these symptoms?


sahira - September 8

i am 48 i am experince menopause many months ago. i am have many pimples now. i am very ugly and my husband hate me. please help to cure this.


imee - September 15

pimples can be related to menopause. there are many ways to get rid of this. there are over the counter remedies that work well or you may opt to visit your doctor.


andrea - September 16

cure for pimples can take time to work specially when your in menopause. know what product is best for your skin type before buying it.


diane - September 17

i must say acne is by far the most common disaster to strike the face. worst thing is, it always appears in wrong times. agree? anyway, one simple home remedy i could suggest is to--- apply lemon juice to pimples to reduce their size and intensity. simple, easy and effective!


liezl - September 18

honey is a great remedy for pimples. it kills bacteria and leaves the skin pimple free.


izzy - September 21

cucumbers can also help with treating and preventing pimples. apply grated cucumber on face and neck for a blemish free face.


sahira - September 22

thank you all for reply. i chose cucumber because it cheap. i try tomorrow. thank you for the help


izzy - September 23

noproblem! anytime sahira... by the way, how's your mood swing? you know, i honestly feel you are depressed. do you want to talk about it?


carol - September 25

yes sahira, feel free to open up. were all like sisters here and we need not to be ashamed. we talked almost everything here.


sahira - September 25

thank you for concern. i have problem with my husband we always fight and i am angry because he will not understand me. i am depress and no one talk to me.


marsha - September 29

sahira you must be suffering from mood swings and depression. i think you need treatments. have you consulted you gyne? would you prefer home or herbal treatments? please let me know so that i could give advice.


sahira - October 16

yes advice for herbal please. i have no budget for doctor pls help.



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