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new to the forum
16 Replies
hotandsweaty - August 24

Hi i am new to this forum and i would just like to say hi to everyone, think i meet some advise on all symptoms of the Menopause


lyka - August 25

Hi! here are a few symptoms of menopause that i'd like to share.

-Hot flashes, night sweats.
-Mood swings
-Loss of libido
-Dry vagina
-Breast tenderness
-Increase in allergies
-Changes in body odor
-Sudden bouts of bloat


shahira - September 3

hi everyone! i am new here. i'm experincing symptoms of menopause. i need help! sorry i don't know how where to post. thank you!


janine - September 8

hi shariha! is it shahira or sahira? i think i've read one of your post and you seemed to have a big problem. don't worry, people here are friendly. you sure get an answer soon. just keep in touch.


sahira - September 10

thank you janine for your answer to. maybe others will not answer because of my bad english. and they will not understand me problem. my name is sahira i'm sorry wrong spelling sometimes.


aubrey - September 11

hi sahira, welcome to the forum. i understand what you're going through and we want to help you. but first you need to let us know your problem so that we will know what to advice. hoping to here from you again.


sahira - September 15

yes i am very bad mood always. my husband and me are always fighting. please help


amanda - September 17

when you're in bad mood, it reflects on almost everything you do. i guess that's the reason why you and your husband are always in a fight.


sahira - September 17

i am also very ugly now i am very fat. i am not lost wieght.


carol - September 18

do daily exercises and healthy diets. the best way to be beautiful is to feel beautiful. don't say your ugly because everybody is beautiful in their own special way.


sahira - October 2

how to lost weight? my big problem this one


aubrey - October 2

can't give the right advice since i'm having the same problem too. but anyway, you can start by doing daily exercise and eat right kind of food. you don't need to exactly go on diet but eat in moderation.


emily - October 9

in menopause stage, losing weight is very difficult to achieve. you really got to focus, consistency is a must!


sahira - October 16

i am tired of diet i am stil fat. what the rihgt food?


aira - December 17

cu on foods which is high in saturated can eat anything as long as it is low in fat, salt and sugar.


imee - December 17

aside from healthy diet food, you also need to be physically active to boost your metabolism. ensure that your diet remains balance throughout your life.


girlie - December 17

adjust your overall intake of food. eat a balanced of carbohydrates, fat, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.



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