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painful sex
32 Replies
imee - August 28

Sex has become painful since i get menopause. My husband has been complaining about my dryness. What can i do?


lyka - August 28

The pain you are experiencing is due to vaginal dryness. There are a number of lubricants you can try. You can also try following hormone-balance diet since the estrogen needed for vaginal lubrication is made from cholesterol.


danessa - August 31

Vaginal dryness is largely a sign of aging and menopause. There are many ways to treat this. Try home remedies like aloe vera gel and milk. This helps lubricate the vagina.


andrea - August 31

Relieving vaginal dryness is possible. Try to have sex as much as possible. I know this sounds strange but this is true. This is highly adviced by the doctors. Sexual intercourse will help stimulate the mucus glands at the base of the uterus this makes your vagina moist.


xyza - September 1

OMG! andrea, are you sure you are giving the right advice? this is the first time i've ever heard about this and i honestly cannot believe it.


andrea - September 1

absolutely yes, my dear xyza! Experts say when you have sex on a regular basis then you naturally make more lubrication. Why don't you try it yourself to believe.


phobe - September 1

Should you ladies consider oral sex?
Saliva is a terrific, if temporary, lubricant. If both partners agree Saliva can also be used to assist entry and penetration.


felicity - September 1

Andrea's right xyza.Continuing sexual activity is important for helping hold back the thinning and drying effects of menopause.but,what may work for one woman's lubrication issue may not be the same for harm in trying.give it a shot. this might work for you too. GOODLUCK


imee - September 2

lol! Interesting topic huh! Thanks for sharing ladies. But, do you really think it is possible? I might try this one too...


stacy - September 3

phobe, good suggestion huh? saliva is the most natural lubricant that comes with sensation. i might also try andrea's suggestion too, i hope it will help. thanks!


imee - September 7

for those of you here suffering from dryness, try andrea's suggestion. it worked for me, i'm sure it will work for you too. as well as phoebe's suggestion. thanks ladies!


andrea - September 8

hahaha... you really did tried it huh? good to know it worked for you...


chandra - September 15

wew! very good suggestion ladies. should you consider talking dirty? hahahaha... just kidding. anyway, for persistent vaginal dryness estrogen therapy is recommended.


imee - September 16

what is this estrogen therapy? how does it work for vaginal dryness? is there any side effects for this?


chandra - September 17

estrogen replacement therapy or ERT is used to increase estrogen levels in postmenopausal women. lowered levels of estrogen cause dryness of the vaginal wall. this is the time we need estrogen therapy.


stephanie - September 18

i prefer short-term vaginal lubricants. with this one, there is not side effects to worry about.


mimi - September 21

i agree stephanie. i wonder if there's such thing as vaginal lubricant suppository. has anyone heard something or similar to this?



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