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painful sex
32 Replies
mimi - September 21

i agree stephanie. i wonder if there's such thing as vaginal lubricant suppository. has anyone heard something or similar to this?


princess - September 22

yup, there are variety of vaginal lubricant suppository available in the market. to choose product that works best for your situation is mostly a matter of personal preference.


mimi - September 23

have you tried it princess? what are you using? hope you don't mind me asking. . thanks!


xyza - September 25

i have tried vitamin E suppositories. they work pretty well.


phoebe - September 25

the suppository composition contains a glyceride lubricant and can be lubricious with or without the presence of moisture. this works well with vaginal dryness.


mimi - September 29

can anyone give me a specific brand of suppositories? one that works for them...


aubrey - September 29

i used vaginal estrogen rings. it's a soft, plastic ring which the doctor will insert into the upper part of your vagina.


phoebe - September 29

i'm using esteriol vaginal suppositories/1MG. this is useful in reducing vaginal dryness and also thickening skin and mucosa in that area in a matter of just a few days or weeks.


missy - October 16

how does vaginal estrogen rings helps with dryness? dose it supposed to be a birth control method?


xyza - October 31

yep, it's a birth control method.
it can also prevents you from vaginal dryness.


sheena - November 2

so is it okay for menopausal women to use vaginal estrogen rings???or do we need to consult this to our gyne???


andrea - November 9

i've heard that it can also treat hot flashes.i hope here can give more information.thanks in advance!


stacy - November 12

yes, vaginal estrogen rings treat symptoms associated with menopause. it works as a local acting estrogen. but this method works more on genitals like vaginal dryness, itching and infections.


rechelle - December 18

are there any side effects for vaginal rings? have you tried it personally stacy? i think i'd like to try that. please share more information. thanks!


elizabeth marcovic - January 26

Hi Imee,
I too have been through the menopause with painfull sex,and found the best treatment was a non hormonal vaginal lubricant called Astroglide recomended by my Doctor, and your partner can use it as well,which is very sensual for both of you.
Best wishes


Ireneb - April 29

Suddenly sex is painful. It is not that I am too dry, but as if I "shrunk" and my partner for many years now is too huge. From what I've read it sounds like I have lost some elasticity in my vagina. Any clues on how to reverse this?
I would appreciate hearing of other's experience in this. Thanks. Ib



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