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panic attacks
10 Replies
old_lady - December 4

are panic attacks normal? i'm having them lately and it worries me a lot. what should i do?


diane - December 4

yes it's normal! actually a lot of woman experience this during menopause not to mention anxiety which is also common among woman on menopause. Have you had your hormones tested? if not please do...


trixie - December 4

try paxil. i'm not sure if you can get this over the counter. but this has helped me with my anxiety and panic attack.


juliet - December 9

panic disorder is an intense fear or anxiety. this usually start without any warning and can last for hours. don't worry, it's not physical nor mental illness. it is treatable.


felicity - December 9

best way to treat this kind of disorder is to control their tendency to breath shallowly and rapidly. medications may be a help or hindrance so it is very
important that a medical doctor should always manage a patient's medications.


vida - December 9

I have had a few panic attacks since. it all started when menopause approaches. but i try to catch it early.the only advice i could give is to breath diaphragmatically at least three times. i know it is hard but this surely helps.


missy - December 9

i have been totally off medication now and it's been months. the only thing that sort of worked for me was the diaphragmatic breathing. i think you should try it too.


andrea - December 11

panic attacks should be normal during menopause. i'm suffering from it too and i've known a lot of people who is facing the same problem. learn to have self control and relax. it doesn't need to be treated unless it's severe.


jackie - December 11

panic attack strikes almost suddenly without any warning signs. this usually happens if you don't breath properly. meaning you breath about as twice as we normally breath.


sandra - December 11

this is the most uncomfortable menopause symptoms i've ever encountered. i've been on HRT but it never treat my panic attack. been on and off medication but nothing seemed to work. :(


amanda - December 11

there are means and ways to prevent panic attacks during menopause.

Relaxation techniques is commonly taught to help those who suffer from Panic Disorder.



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